Ancient Frozen Viruses and Bacteria to Awaken Because of Global Warming, Russia Says

We need like a new “caved in head Russian Wojak” series of memes.

Are they just putting this moronic stuff out to dazzle and confuse? Or do they believe it?

Better question: is it possible to put out moronism for long periods without eventually dazzling yourself?

I don’t know.


The melting of permafrost due to global warming may not only lead to the release of methane gasses and potential devastation to arctic infrastructure but could also see old viruses and bacteria waking up, Russia has warned.

Speaking to the TV channel Zvezda, senior diplomat Nikolay Korchunov revealed that Russia has proposed a project on biosafety to the Arctic Council, an intergovernmental forum made up of eight countries that have sovereignty over land within the Arctic Circle.

Korchunov, who serves as ambassador at large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, chairs the Committee of Senior Officials at the Arctic Council.

There is a risk of old viruses and bacteria waking up,” Korchunov said.

“Because of this, Russia has initiated a ‘biosafety’ project within the Arctic Council,” he continued, noting that it will be tasked with working out the whole range of “risks and hazards” related to “permafrost degradation” and “future infectious diseases.”

Now, wasn’t there a movie…


Yeah, so maybe some Russian intelligence operative watched this movie and was like “lol post this online and say it’s from The Science.”

I don’t know.

I just don’t know anymore, Russia.