Anarchists Riot in Portland

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 2, 2017

Anarchists rioted in Portland yesterday, for May Day.

It’s a standard thing now, I guess.

I’m not really sure why it isn’t being labeled terrorism.

People complained that Dylann Roof wasn’t labeled a “terrorist,” but he had not stated political goal and was not a member of a political organization.

Then they went ahead and labeled James Jackson a “terrorist,” and charged him with terrorism, even though it was the same situation: no stated political objective, not a member of any political organization.

But anarchists do have stated political aims and are members of political organizations, and are using violence to forward the political aims of their organization(s).

People said that Dylann Roof wasn’t labeled a terrorist because he was white, but in actual fact, he wasn’t labeled a terrorist because he didn’t fit the legal definition of the word. It appears that these anarchists really are avoiding terrorism charges simply because they are white – even while their goal is to destroy whites.

Kinda weird.


A May Day march in Portland, Ore., “devolved into a full-scale riot with random acts of vandalism” by anarchists late Monday, police say. Attacks on police and emergency personnel resulted in 25 arrests.

Molotov cocktails, smoke bombs and other items were thrown at police, according to member station Oregon Public Broadcasting.

“Various fires were set in the street and in garbage cans, a police car was spray-painted and vandalized, and there were attempts to set at least one business on fire,” according to Portland Police. “Numerous projectiles were thrown at or launched at police and firefighters including rocks, bottles, ball bearings, fireworks, smoke bombs, and road flares.

The march through Portland’s downtown was one of hundreds that took place in the U.S. and around the world Monday, as demonstrators urged more protections and benefits for workers. But after a paramedic was hit with a Pepsi can, other violence ensued and numerous fires were set, police say, leading officials to revoke the rally’s permit.

I have to give it to them, it is kinda funny that they are owning the Pepsi meme.

That would have been my advice to them.

It is so funny to call them Pepsi-revolutionaries, but if they own it, they make the insult useless.

This is an Alinskyite tactic that I have argued for as far as “White Supremacist Neo-Nazi” goes. If you own the insult, it looses its power, and it eventually just becomes a joke.

It’s the same thing with “gas the kikes” memes. You eventually turn their memes against them to the point where they are useless.

Honestly, throwing Pepsi cans at people is the funniest thing I’ve heard of leftists doing in a very, very long time.

Officers then faced the task of trying to apprehend suspects who were “running all over” downtown Portland, police say.

Police in Olympia, Wash., say they were confronted with a “mob” of masked and violent protesters who threw rocks and used slingshots to target officers. The situation settled down after officers used “crowd dispersal devices” and arrested several people.

Twenty-three were arrested in total.

We have pictures of 22 of them.

A motley crew.

I’m counting 9 white males (3 of which look very Jewish), 8 white females (3 of which look very Jewish), 2 mulattoes, 2 mystery meat males (one looks Pakistani, the other I don’t know) and 1 that I can’t tell if it’s male or female and is mystery meat (third row, far right).

The two mulattoes were probably not involved in the riots to begin with, and just started rioting because others were rioting.

Anarchy Wat?

What I don’t get though is what do Anarchists actually want?

I get the idea that they are claiming they want “no government.”

But I mean, if we stopped having a government, other countries would still have governments. And they would have militaries. So other countries would just come in and take over our country if we, like, dissolved the government right?

Isn’t that just a totally obvious fact?

No group of people other than whites (being manipulated by Jews) would ever go along with the concept of “dissolving the government.” It is childish lunacy.

These people should rightly be looked at as lunatics.

You never see them promoting their ideology. You only ever see them attacking people and burning things on the street.

I would like to see them offer up a representative to debate one of our representatives at a university.

I would advise Richard Spencer to put forward that challenge. They pretty much have to accept it.