Analysis of a Feminist’s Migrant Fairy Tale

Morgoth’s Review
April 9, 2016


Feminist, Leftist and advocate of mass immigration, Laurie Penny, recently wrote an article about her trip to a migrant holding centre in Germany. The narrative which holds that you can support importing millions of Muslims into Europe, and maintain that you’re a feminist as the gang rape statistics reach unprecedented heights, has understandably come under a great deal of pressure over the last few months. We know that the ideals that these people hold so dear were cobbled together by Jewish academics, we know the elite class use these people as killer-attack drones against the White world, but how do they internalize and justify their opinions to themselves? Perhaps breaking down Laurie’s article can give us some insight, her article is called: ”For refugee women in Germany, solidarity is non-negotiable

For refugee women in Germany, solidarity is non-negotiable. These women are trying to eke out an existance in the no-man’s land between the Islamists and far right groups. Acts of compassion – and translation – matter.Now, everyone has an opinion on immigration and Islamophobia – but some people’s opinions seem to matter more than others’. That is what I discovered on the morning after the terrorist attacks in Brussels, sitting down to talk politics over lukewarm coffee with a group of women refugees in Germany. “When things like this attack happens, or when bombs happen, we feel worse, we feel frightened,” says Fatima, a Muslim who escaped a forced marriage in Guinea-Bissau. “It affects us, ­always. It takes away our position here and it gets worse with every attack.”

Laurie begins her article as she intends to go on, and she intends to go on by deploying an artillery-like barrage of relativist arguments and heart-string tugging. Thus, the German Far Right, in Germany, are merely a reflection of the Islamists in Germany, neither is more justified in their goals and aims than the other and German men are not justified in moving to Nationalist politics because of the very presence of Islam in their country.

Laurie then, rather predictably, trots out the Islam as victim card by implying that the voices of Muslimas are not being heard, protesting that ‘some people’s opinions seem to matter more than others” is rather ironic given that German police regularly arrest ethnic Germans for expressing anti immigrant opinions on social media, so she has a point, some opinions are deemed more important than others. Also, note Fatima’s story, she rejected a forced marriage and fled to….Germany? not one of the 50 countries between Guinea and Germany. But Laurie isn’t too concerned with that, what’s she done is cleverly drip a feminist message in, forced marriage=male oppression.

I meet Fatima and her friends at a women’s centre in Halle, a shrinking post-industrial city in Saxony-Anhalt. The walls in town are angrily annotated with political graffiti – “No Islam in Europe” jostles for space against “Nazis out”.

Public opinion here is split down the middle like an open palm brought down on a knife and the wound is pulling apart, becoming infected with racist resentment and political positioning. In the recent state elections, the far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party made significant gains, including in Halle.

The historical position of Europeans has overwhelmingly been ”No Islam in Europe” this mindset predates National Socialism by at least a thousand years, what the ”Nazis out” slogan does is associate the historical position of Europeans with, to a modern European, the most evil and maniacal political movement of all time.


Laurie then uses a clumsy metaphor, all the more clumsy when we consider that fear of an Islamic blade being brought down on German necks is very likely the cause of what she refers to as ”racist resentment”.

“I’m under serious stress because of this political direction,” says Roya, a schoolteacher in her late fifties. “I’m frightened that I won’t get [officially] recognised as a refugee here. If that happens, I would say that death is better than to be exiled.”

Refugee women and volunteers meet regularly at the centre to support each other. It is a small miracle of communication across cultures – the conversation today involves five individuals and four languages. This is the daily work of crisis response that gets lost in the fire of public debate. Food and shelter alone do not make a sanctuary. People also need patience, understanding and friendship, even when they are suffering the kind of sustained trauma that can make them anxious and hard to relate to.

Roya has cancer and is a huge fan of Jesus Christ, which is the reason that she left Iran and sought asylum in Germany. She wears a pink plastic wristband covered with symbols: this one is about goodness, this one about surrender, this one about sin. It stuns me that a refugee with a life-threatening illness, who just wants the chance to give back to society by taking care of kids, should be so concerned with her own sinfulness. But everyone has their own way of coping with adversity.

When Oscar Wilde reviewed Charles Dicken’s novel ”Little Nell” which features an infamously sentimental and mawkish little Nell death scene, Wilde wrote ”One must have a heart of stone to read the death of little Nell without laughing.”. And indeed, when a Lefty feminist writes an article about the migrant situation in Germany and manages to find a (deep breath) Iranian Christian female teacher in her 50’s who simply wants to teach your kids maths as she dies from cancer, it’s hard not to giggle slightly. What are the chances, eh?

The God Roya worships seems very different from the God in whose name parties such as the AfD would expel every asylum-seeker from Europe. The women meeting at this centre find themselves caught between violent zealots and frothing misogynists on both sides, trying to salvage some measure of security. “It’s not only Muslim men attacking white women,” says Fatima, looking down at her hands while she talks. “It’s also white or German men attacking migrant women.”

Laurie gets a cheap shot in at Christianity, the implication is that the Western form of Christianity has been subverted by our racist tendencies, it’s possible, though I doubt she’s smart enough, that she’s drawing a parallel with Muslims leaving the true, peaceful interpretation, of Islam. However, we shall focus here on the obvious lie that non-White women are being subjected to equal abuse by German men as German women are by non-White men. Needless to say, a quick Google search of ”German men attack Muslim women” results in:


And Laurie can’t get out of this one by citing the ”Right Wing media” it is common knowledge that the German media actually covered up the Cologne attacks and anyway, the German state broadcaster produces genocidal content such as this:

What, in reality, passes for ”attacks on migrant women by White, German men” amounts to this:

On Thursday, Ms Behari agreed to take off her niqab when giving evidence, but despite her compliance, the defendant was found not guilty of verbal abuse outside Munich’s central train station.

We can speculate as to whether ”Roya” the 50 year old Iranian school teacher with cancer, is an actual person or not, but it is objectively false that German men are treating Muslim women as abhorrently as Muslim men are treating German women, it is a lie!. But, as we shall see, it is a lie Laurie needs to sell in order that her world view makes sense….to herself and other Lefty feminists

“I’m very sorry for the things that took place recently, especially in Cologne,” says Roya, who is the last person who needs to apologise. “Not all of us are like this. It happened like it was planned – as if the plan was to show that foreigners are bad, refugees are bad people.”

Whether or not the mysterious “Roya” should feel sorry for Cologne is up for debate, Laurie Penny, however, is most certainly not the ”last person who needs to apologise”

It is shocking how few Europeans have grasped that the men who rape and abuse women, who commit acts of terrorism in the name of a vengeful God, are the same men most refugees are running away from. In Germany, I find myself being asked repeatedly how European feminists should respond to sexism among (predominantly Muslim) migrants, particularly the mass sexual assaults that occurred in Cologne at New Year. And I have my opinions.

I am angry that women are still held responsible for sexual violence done to them, angry that the issue is being exploited by cultural conservatives and outright fascists who care about violence against women only when it can be used to attack Muslims. But I can afford to be angry – I am someone with a platform and, more importantly, a passport. Roya, Fatima and their friends can’t afford to be angry, at least not in public.

There is no evidence whatsoever, and Laurie certainly doesn’t provide any, to suggest that the migrants raping German women are the same people who commit terror and rape in the Islamic world, it’s another lie. It is precisely because people are seeing through this incoherent, dishonest mess of a world view, that people are questioning Laurie.  Laurie then repeats the most grotesque lie which Leftists and feminists indulge in, it is that White men are not interested in White women being raped and abused unless non-White men do it because then we have an excuse to be racists and fascists.


So lets just run with that for a second, if Laurie is to be believed then the conservative patriarchy of 1950’s Britain would be a better place to be a rapist than a modern progressive society such as Sweden or Holland. In actual fact under the conservative patriarchy “sex beasts” in jail had to be segregated from the other male inmates for their own protection, and even then they were likely to be stabbed to death, have their eyes gouged out with a pencil or tied to their bunk and burned alive. Even today in unfashionable, un-Politically Correct, working class areas the worst thing that can happen to a man is to be accused of a being a ”nonce”(child abuser, rapist etc). In progressive Europe rapists play video games and watch porn for 18 months then get released to rape again. But Laurie is desperate, absolutely desperate, to portray all men as equally rapey and misogynist, her whole fairy tale crumbles if she does not.

For these women, trying to eke out a life in the no-man’s-land between Islamist extremism and European neo-fascism, solidarity is non-negotiable. The women of this group, migrant and non-migrant, are a vital source of support for one another. What I am supposed to say here is that in this space, every difference of language, background, age, race, religion and culture melts away and we are all just women together, sharing coffee and talking about our feelings. But that’s not true. What connects us is not that we are women but that we are trying.

After yet another huge dollop of relativism the method in Laurie’s madness truly begins to show itself, it’s the world-wide sisterhood of Zher, it is women of all racial and religious backgrounds finding common cause against all men. This is what she is striving for, what we might call the ”Vagitopia”.

The person working the hardest in this conversation is the 25-year-old Heike, a German citizen who organised the meeting at short notice, found a place for us to convene and is now tirelessly translating from Portuguese to German to English and back again, so that Fatima and I can communicate. Heike is not her real name. She does not want me to use her real name. Most of the women who do this sort of work aren’t in it for the glory.

It’s noteworthy here that Laurie describes Heike as ”German citizen” rather than simply German, this is to remove any association with ethnic and racial roots, what matters is her sex, and he role in the sisterhood.

Much of the invisible work that goes into managing a crisis on this scale is the work of translation, in every sense of the word. Europe is a continent where communication of all kinds is breaking down. Ordinary people are falling through the gaps in understanding as public opinion becomes more polarised and violent extremists dominate the news. What everyone in Europe needs – Muslims and Christians, refugees and citizens, men and women – are not just acts of compassion but acts of translation.

It’s hard to communicate when your side of the debate is relentlessly smeared as ”Nazi” and ”Neo Fascist” and your opinion outlawed, where police can kick you door down for Crime Think and when the media serves us the kind of dishonest tripe that Laurie Penny writes.


Throughout the article Laurie has repeatedly attempted to cast men in general, regardless of race or religion, as the enemy, while at the same time casting aspersions on White men as aggressors, as the power to be contained. There’s obviously an element of the Cultural Marxist’s hatred for White people here and their own need not be ”racist”. But there’s something more, the feminist activist simply cannot admit that one group of men are more barbaric than another because it has lethal ramifications for how they view the world.

Within the Vagitopian sisterhood all women are equal, an ethno-nationalist will view his own immediate group, for example English people, as being his closest kin, beyond that is his concern for other northern Europeans, and then White people everywhere. An English ethno-nationalist will have more of a bond with an Irishman or Dutchman than with an Italian, broadly speaking. However, operating within the confines of feminism and Neo Marxism, Laurie (who is actually part Jewish) has replaced such thinking with a flat world in which all women, regardless of race or religion or ethnicity or, as she states above, language, are bonded together equally.

Therefore, when an Afghan lands in Germany or Sweden and rapes a local girl it is no more of an issue than if he raped a girl back in Afghanistan, it’s simply another obnoxious man. The raped girl in Germany is not worth more than the girl in Afghanistan because all women are equal within the Vagitopia. However, if all the sexual predators are coming from non-White groups, the European woman has no stake in the Vagitopian sisterhood, it’s obviously a bum deal. It is at this point that it becomes an emergency for the Lefty feminist to establish that German/White men, are just as prone to rape as non-White men, and as this isn’t the case they have to create that case by lying and falsifications.

This is a narrative in complete collapse, the new atheist Richard Dawkins crowd enjoy needling creationist Christians, if the world is really just 6000 years old then that means there were rabbits in the Precambrian era and people riding horses who had to dodge a roaming Tyrannosaurus Rex. Trendy cosmopolitan feminists and Lefties such as Laurie Penny are now in the position of trying to find rabbit bones next to dinosaur fossils, they can’t so they lie, and because they put their dogma before reason or logic women who would have otherwise lived happy rape free lives are now living in hell.

Quite frankly I find it hard to believe anything in Laurie’s article actually happened, it’s not just the arguments  and reasoning of the article which is full of lies and misinformation, I honestly believe that the people and events within the article are all completely fabricated. I think Laurie wrote it in the first class compartment of a train on her way across Germany. The point of the article was not to win converts to her cause by appealing to the wider public, it was to galvanize her fellow activists who are struggling to cope with this garbage being held up to a light brighter than the university common room and Tumblr, she’s saying:

 ”I know it’s bad, but keep fighting and the Vagitopia will prevail”

And because of that more White women will suffer, these people are ghastly, monstrous.