Anal Uprising in Poland Gets the Boot as Women Demand Everything Go Ultra-Anal

As foreigners spread destructive and anti-Christian anal activities in Poland, the women of the country take a stand against the nation and against God and Jesus Christ.

The inferno of anal mania is heating up in Poland, as the anus of the gay movement in Eastern Europe is getting a hot meat injection of cash and propaganda support from Western Jewish groups.

The only thing that psychotic anal-obsessed extremists understand is violence.

You have to crack down.

OKO Press:

LGBT rights activists scuffled with police in Warsaw after turning out on the streets to protest the arrest of an activist. “I have never seen such aggression. People have been hurled like sacks of potatoes”. “They attacked the protesters in front of the police station. One after another, people are being pushed to the ground and arrested.”

Yesterdays’s confrontation of the city police with the activists and defenders of the LGBTQ community lasted several hours. It resulted in around 50 people being battered, arrested, and taken to various police stations around the city. Police aggression has not been justified by the circumstances.

Police roundup

“The protest finished a while ago and we were quite far from [where the protests took place]. The two of them were together, they were going back home. One of them is my friend, a Pole who lives in the U.S.,” says Jarmila, who saw the whole incident.

Unexpectedly the police attacked the young women.

“The policeman pinned her head to the pavement with his boot. She was bleeding, but the police did not react to our pleas to call the ambulance. She was taken to [the police station at] Wilcza street.”

Klemens Stępniewska (a painter and video artist) shared a recording with us that shows another victim of police violence, bleeding. “She was in shock. The police cordoned her off, only letting in a member of the Parliament to be present at the scene. They didn’t want to say what the charges are,” says Stępniewska. Half an hour later, she witnessed another arrest.

“We were standing near the police station, but we weren’t even shouting. They walked up to us and asked my friend to show his ID. He said, ok, here it is, and reached into his pocket. They reacted as if he was going to pull out a gun. They started jerking him around. Six of them grabbed his legs even though he was screaming don’t touch me. They carried him writhing to the police car. There were many others arrested, inside the car. I saw how brutally they were searched.”

Everything has started when the court decided to arrest Margo, the activist from the queer collective Stop Bzdurom [Enough with this Nonsense]. She was sentenced to two months of police detention for damaging a truck that belongs to the pro-lifers’ The Right to Live Foundation that drives around the city broadcasting homophobic nonsense through the loudspeakers. Another charge was related to draping rainbow flags on Warsaw monuments.

It’s a great feeling to see disgusting faggots getting what they deserve on the streets of a white Christian country.

As the police are doing their job and cracking these cunts, what are the WOMEN in the government of Poland doing?

Well, they’re dressing up in faggot flag outfits to support the foreign terrorist movement, of course!

What else would they be doing?

Women will always, in any situation, in any country, support whatever harms the country – if they are allowed access to foreign propaganda.

Women are incredibly susceptible to the influence of propaganda. There is literally no way to stop them from making decisions entirely based on their emotions, and foreign propaganda is totally capable of influencing their emotions. Thus it is that a foreign intelligence operation that is able to spread propaganda in a country like Poland is able to turn a huge portion of the women in the country against the country.

You might say that the solution to this is to ban foreign propaganda. Maybe that is a solution, I don’t know. But it’s not the ideal solution. For one, it is very hard to do. For another, it necessitates violating the freedom of speech of the people.

The much better solution is to simply ban women from participating in public society. This ensures that women are not able to destroy the society, while also ensuring the freedom of the people.

The absolute fact of total reality is this: liberated women are tools of Satan. The spirit of the devil fills them, and they act aggressively to fulfill the devil’s agenda.

The first step in cracking down on evil is cracking down on women.

If you don’t have liberated women, you don’t have a Jewish problem, you don’t have a race problem, you don’t have a faggot problem. All of these problems are enabled by empowered women, who are willing to do whatever their emotions tell them to do.

We know the old quote:

A truer quote would be:

“Let me control the emotional propaganda that gets fed to liberated women in a nation and I care not who writes the laws.”