Anal Pete Moving Towards the Right Because Apparently People Hate This Insane Stuff

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 23, 2019

At first he was like:

But now he’s just like:

My prediction for the 2020 election was that the Democrats had no plan at all to win, and were simply in the race to push the most radical positions possible as a way to acclimate people to what they would be presenting in 2024.

That is still my position.

Right now, everyone is seeing that Biden is winning, because he is less insane on some of these issues, so Pete is trying to compete with him because they want the nomination. But it doesn’t matter who gets the nomination, they’re going to lose. The whole impeachment hoax solidified that.

Washington Post:

When news first spread that a young, openly gay mayor from Indiana was running for president, the liberal potential of his candidacy seemed limitless: Buttigieg supported Medicare-for-all, preached urgency on climate change, and demanded reforms such as abolishing the electoral college and overhauling the Supreme Court.

Eleven months later, Buttigieg looks more like a traditional centrist than a leftist force. Instead of Medicare-for-all, he favors a more limited public option. Environmentalists complain his climate plan is less sweeping than his early rhetoric suggested it might be. After raising his hand at a debate to show support for decriminalizing border crossings, he clarified that he doesn’t actually hold that position.

The shifts reflect in part the broader trajectory of the Democratic primary, which initially appeared to herald a dramatic leftward surge. The center of gravity is settling in a less revolutionary place. Many liberals — at first excited by Buttigieg and the change he promised — now see him as embodying a dynamic they find deeply frustrating.

The evolution is arguably working for Buttigieg, who regularly polls in the top tier of the Democratic candidates. But it has also given rise to complaints that the mayor of South Bend, Ind., is carefully calculating his positions rather than passionately expressing his principles.

The tension has begun flaring up regularly on the campaign trail. Some of Buttigieg’s former supporters are even using Twitter to ask for their donations back, deploying the hashtag #RefundPete.

At a recent campaign event at Iowa’s Grinnell College, when Buttigieg’s aides signaled it was time to wrap up, the candidate instead turned to a group that had been holding signs in the front row and asked resignedly, “Do you want to do the thing?”

They stood and held up sheets with protest messages, which Buttigieg read off one by one before responding. “Wall Street Pete” said one; Buttigieg shot back, “They said the same thing about Obama.” Another said “You will kill us;” Buttigieg answered, “That’s mean. I’m here to help.”

Buttigieg is not alone among the Democrats in scooting toward the center. While Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has maintained his left-leaning positions — and even amplified them — much of the rest of the field has slid away from him.

But it is Buttigieg who is prompting the most “animosity,” said Jonathan Westin, executive director of New York Communities for Change, adding that his members are “completely offended” by how the mayor is campaigning.

“I think it just gets down to a lot of the doublespeak Mayor Pete has been doing throughout the campaign,” Westin said. “Saying he is for Medicare-for-all, then walking back, changing his position on issues, claiming to be the millennial change candidate while at the same time cozying up to billionaire donors. He’s running a really insider campaign, and it speaks to how he would govern if he were elected.”

Even Buttigieg’s handling of his sexuality has become a source of frustration for those disappointed he has not spoken out more forcefully on LGBT rights. Brian Gaither, co-founder of Maryland LGBT PAC, donated to Buttigieg at the beginning of his campaign, but he has now asked for a refund and added #NeverPete to his Twitter profile.

Gaither said he feels “conned,” adding that he wished Buttigieg spoke more clearly about his sexuality — the most groundbreaking aspect of his candidacy — instead of making relatively vague references to his “marriage” or “marrying a teacher.”

“It’s not that he has to be obligated to be activist of the year, but there seems to be a very specific distancing of himself from any obligation to be concerned or know about those things,” Gaither said. “It’s really hard to understand where he wants to be, other than to use the opportunity to be the first openly gay candidate as a way for his campaign to have significance and meaning it otherwise would not have.”

Yes, I expected him to be going into graphic detail about his anal activities, and was shocked when all he did was make out with a man on stage.

This is all more or less completely meaningless noise.

I don’t think any Democrat can win in 2020, unless they decide to allow Middle School Youth to run.

And come 2024, they’re just going to be able to do whatever they want, and you won’t have any choice. Because the demographics will have changed so much, that no Republican can ever win national office again, forever.

If Donald Trump was actually in control, and actually wanted to leave a legacy, he would be doing everything in his ability to limit the number of brown people who are going to be eligible to vote in 2024.

That is a different issue than limiting immigration. It’s connected. But what he would be trying to do is limit the ability of brown people to get citizenship, and trying to figure out some kind of way to strip brown people who already have citizenship of the citizenship they already have. Probably, through some kind of paid repatriation program.

Instead, he’s outlawing the New Testament on college campuses and… what else is he doing? I don’t even know what else he’s doing.

I think Tucker Carlson probably will run in 2024.

And maybe he’ll win.

But things are really not looking good at all.

All Pete Buttigieg is doing is attempting to steal the nomination from Joe Biden.

But he can’t actually do that, because as mentioned, he has a 0% approval rating with the blacks, because he’s gay.

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