Anal Pete Gives Joe Biden the Reach-Around – Drops Out!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2020

This was one thing I definitely did not see coming.

I’m a wee bit surprised.

New York Times:

Pete Buttigieg, the former small-city Indiana mayor and first openly gay major presidential candidate, said Sunday night he was dropping out of the Democratic race, following a crushing loss in the South Carolina primary where his poor performance with black Democrats signaled an inability to build a broad coalition of voters.

The decision comes just 48 hours before the biggest voting day of the primary, Super Tuesday, when 15 states and territories will allot about one-third of the delegates over all. The results were widely expected to show him far behind Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Senator Bernie Sanders.

Mr. Buttigieg canceled plans for a Sunday night rally in Dallas and a Monday morning fund-raiser in Austin, Tex., to return to South Bend. “Sometimes the longest way around really is the shortest way home,’’ he told supporters to loud cheers.

“The truth is that the path has narrowed to a close, for our candidacy if not for our cause,” he said, adding “Tonight I am making the difficult decision to suspend my campaign for the presidency.”

Invoking his experience as a two-term mayor of South Bend, he said his candidacy caught on not in spite of that experience but because of it. America, he said, was “eager to get Washington to start running like our best run communities.”

On a conference call with campaign donors on Sunday evening, Mr. Buttigieg said he had reached the decision with regret but concluded it was “the right thing to do, when we looked at the math,” according to one person on the call. Without mentioning opponents by name, Mr. Buttigieg said he was concerned about the impact he would have on the race by staying in, saying Democrats needed to field “the right kind of nominee” against Mr. Trump.

It is unclear if Mr. Buttigieg, a relative moderate, will endorse another candidate. He and Mr. Biden have exchanged voice messages, a Biden campaign official said. But his departure could reframe the Democratic primary if many of his supporters shift to Mr. Biden, creating a more formidable centrist challenge to Mr. Sanders’s progressive movement.

In his remarks, Mr. Buttigieg directed criticism toward Mr. Sanders, without naming him, that he has previously made on the debate stage and on the campaign trail.

“We need leadership to heal a divided nation, not drive us further apart,” he said. “We need a broad based agenda to truly deliver for the American people, not one that gets lost in ideology. We need an approach strong enough not only to win the White House, but hold the House, win the Senate and send Mitch McConnell into retirement.”

Mr. Sanders, in Los Angeles, made a brief statement congratulating Mr. Buttigieg while also making a bid for those who backed him. “He is the first openly gay candidate for president of the United States and he did extraordinarily well,” Mr. Sanders said. “And tonight, I just want to welcome all of his supporters into our movement and to urge them to joining us in the fight for real change in this country.”

Ultimately, this does make sense, because “Anal” Pete’s philosophy of “moderation” is that you are part of a collective group of anal technocrats, Jewish technocrats, Mormon technocrats and Irish technocrats, and you have to honor the whole.

But it is a shocker to me still. I thought Anal Pete was going to grip the railing, and squeeze until he came out in the end.

I honestly thought he would hang on until – I mean, insert your own homosexual joke, I can’t do it anymore and I’m happy I don’t have to.

What this now means, probably, is that we’re going to have Biden against Bernie, Bernie getting robbed, Biden as the nominee, Biden losing to Donald Trump.

I don’t know if that is going to happen and I do not make predictions, I’m just telling you: that is the most likely situation, based on the odds.

Of course, anything could happen.

I would personally like to see Bernie win the nomination, just so we have left-wing populism vs. right-wing populism.

I’m not really even against Bernie’s 2015 program. In fact, I would endorse Bernie’s 2015 program.

Bernie Sanders, July 2015

It was anti-immigration, pro-gun, pro-family, anti-war and just communist. I do not care about having communism or not having communism. It’s whatever to me. This whole thing about communism – or socialism – being some kind of huge problem is confusing and dumb. On my list of issues that I care about, that is way all the way at the bottom.

However, at this juncture, Bernie is now saying that he’s literally going to open the border and let everyone in. And he’s saying that he’s going to arrest white majoritarians for their beliefs. So, I guess I’ll support Zion Don instead? I don’t know. We’ll have to get to the general election round and see what they’re saying before I make an endorsement.

Basically, Donald Trump is such an absolute disaster, and so evil with all of this anal stuff he’s promoting, and so completely useless as far as everything else, I would be tempted to just support Bernie if it came down to those two. It’s pretty much just embarrassing to associate with Donald Trump at this point.

He literally never talks about anything other than how much he loves the blacks. And he is aggressively promoting gay sex across the world. As he does his whole “Israel is our master” bit at the same time.

However, I don’t want to be arrested for my beliefs.

Furthermore, I do believe that if Tucker Carlson can chill out on the booze and pills, he might be a viable candidate in 2024, and he would be better positioned to win if Trump gets his second term, given that the demographics would probably be slightly better.

All that having been said, it looks like the Coronavirus may have given Donald Trump a bit of a problem.

So, I don’t even know what happens next.

But if Donald Trump’s great economy collapses because of the Coronavirus, then he might be challenged by Biden.

I guess?

Stupid orange faggot should have closed the border to China. What a complete and total retard.

At this point, as a heterosexual, I’m done with politics and just want to vote for whatever makes it most likely that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will pull her tits out.

If someone enters the race as a “tell AOC to show her tits or get out” candidate, I would vote for them.

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