Anal Lives Matter: Major Protest in Barcelona in the Name of Anus Pumping and Poop Eating

All homosexuals lick each other’s buttholes.


Hundreds of people marched through the streets of Barcelona on Friday evening in one of several events planned for the weekend in honor of Samuel Luiz, a gay Spanish man who was beaten to death last week.

The rally in the Catalonia capital was organized by several local pro-LGBT and anti-hate groups. Police put the attendance at around 500, while organizers said as many as 2,500 joined the procession, which started at 5pm local time and lasted for several hours.

The activists waved various Pride-themed flags and carried banners with slogans denouncing homophobia and supporting freedom causes including “We are not macho, but we are many,” “Liberty or death” and “My pen is my sword.”

A large banner reading “Enough LGBTI-phobia, for critical and combative pride” in Catalan was carried in front of the marching crowd. Some participants dressed up in what looked like fantasy cosplay costumes for the occasion.

The protest was one of several planned in Spain this weekend in memory of Luiz. The 24-year-old was brutally beaten to death last week in the northwestern city of A Coruna in the Galicia autonomous community. Witness accounts say his murder was a heinous hate crime.

The death sparked mass protests across the country earlier this week, with thousands of people joining rallies in several large cities. Some people want the street where the crime was committed to be renamed after Luiz, so that his tragic death is remembered.

They should instead name the street “Semen and Poop Feast Boulevard.”

The rainbow occupation flag literally means “I eat poop.” That is disgusting. But it’s what it means. They try to act like this is all some cutesy thing from Will and Grace, but these people ram their penises into one another’s anuses, jamming the penis into poop, and then lick the semen out of each other’s poop-holes.

They do this often in very large groups.

That is what they are selling to your children as “love.” A man eating his own semen mixed with another man’s poop is the same thing as this:

That is the world we live in.

This is sick stuff, folks.

It’s not mowing the lawn with Lassie and Little Jimmy. It’s double anal.

It’s lunacy that no one will say it, and everyone walks around trying to smile pretending not to know what these people do.

Anyway, this seems to be going in some kind of GLM direction here. I assume it will only be relegated to Spain and maybe Italy. Possibly stretched into Latin America – but Latin America is still in the full-vaginal phase and won’t be ready to go totally hardcore poop-eater for several more months.

We all get the point by now, don’t we?

These globalists are going into every country and kicking things up a notch, and then another notch, until every city is as sickening and depraved as your American capitals.

Remember: all of this is about your kids now.

They’re just saying it out loud.

Singing it, in fact.