Anal Fiasco: Sadistic Homosexual “Gay Dog” Mattis Condemns Trump for Failing to Stop Riots with Songs of Love

“Double Anal” Mattis got coronavirus from eating semen. Do you know how he cured it? Eating more semen.

The Anal Avenger himself, Down Low Mattis, has vowed a rectal reckoning.

The day of Rectumrok is upon us.


Ex-US Defence Secretary James Mattis has denounced President Donald Trump, saying he deliberately stokes division.

He said he was “angry and appalled” by Mr Trump’s handling of ongoing protests over the death of African American George Floyd at the hands of police.

Mr Mattis berated Mr Trump’s “abuse of authority” – and backed protesters seeking to uphold American values, as did ex-President Barack Obama.

Mr Trump described Mr Mattis as an “overrated general”.

Mr Mattis quit in 2018 after Mr Trump decided to pull US troops out of Syria.

He has remained mostly silent since then, until his rebuke of the Trump administration was published in The Atlantic magazine on Wednesday.

Another lie from the Orange Man.

In fact, the Anal Ranger fled the administration after Trump got in the way of his plans to turn the military into a tranny bathhouse.

He gave a valiant speech, saying, “I will seek new, fresh anuses to ram my penis into in the fields beyond the sun.”

You can read his full statement on these riots. I don’t really understand what he’s talking about. It’s just a bunch of cliche platitudes about “who we are.” I guess he’s saying that the protests are peaceful, so the blacks should be allowed to continue rioting and looting.

I don’t understand what anyone expects Donald Trump to do in this situation. The riots are happening. He doesn’t have any way to stop them, because he is not in charge of the police.

Does the Anal Ranger want him to sing songs of justice and hope the spiritual vibes spread through the lands and cause the blacks to drop their looted TVs and join him in song?

What song would it be, Mad Dog?

Cat Stevens’ “Morning has Broken”?

I mean, you all know what song I would pick.

You all know it.

But the idea that Trump singing even that song would create resonate spiritual vibrations which would cause the blacks to stop it is truly a long shot.

I would love to see Trump give a national broadcast and say: “I’m going to sing a song of peace to try to create spiritual vibrations to cause the blacks to stop rioting. To help me in this important mission, I would like to introduce Mr. Gordon Lightfoot. *Applause from Oval Office studio audience* This one goes out to all my African-Americans, who have been so damaged by racism in this country. Hit it, Gordon.”

I so badly want to see Trump do one of these:

At the part where it says “with chains upon my feet…”

But I don’t think that Mattis’ plan here is good.

Seriously, what?

I don’t even want Trump to release the military, because I don’t think that genie is ever going back into the bottle – but the fact that he’s threatening to do it is simply his obvious only option when the GOVERNORS are telling the cops to not stop these riots and are even providing them with BRICKS!

There’s an entire hashtag – #brickbait…!

How about you pull your dick out of that small boy’s anus and address that one, Mattis?

What is going on with these bricks everywhere?

This is all stupid.

They are purposefully trying to bully Donald Trump into releasing the military.

And he isn’t going to have a choice.

These blacks are now inches away from invading the suburbs, and the cops in every city have made it 100% clear that they are not going to intervene to protect anyone.