Anal Fetishists Take Over #ProudBoys Hashtag, Post Images of “Gay Love”

Homosexuals have taken over the #ProudBoys hashtag to post images of “gay love.”

What is gay love, you ask?

Well, it’s when a man rams his penis into another man’s anus and uses the anus to masturbate the penis to ejaculation. The man then ejaculates his semen into the other man’s rectum, and the semen mixes in with the feces.

Does that sound “beautiful” to you? Or does it sound like satanic sadism?

Those are questions you must answer.

George Takei, an Asian anal fetishist who is only famous because he was on a TV show that ended fifty years ago, started the trend. He took the time to share his own story of sticking things into anuses.

Understand – I just want you to understand this, because we hear about gays so often and how beautiful it is to be gay – these are other things that gays do:

  1. Lick men’s anuses
  2. Stick their fingers into men’s anuses
  3. Stick their entire fists into men’s anuses
  4. Suck on men’s penises
  5. Eat the semen of men

That is what these people define their identity by – engaging in these actions.

They are forcing you to accept this, and to celebrate these acts with them. Furthermore, they are demanding that they have access to your children, so they can groom your children to be preyed on.

This is an absolute nightmare world we’ve created, where the most disgusting, evil acts imaginable are celebrated as virtuous.