Ana Kasparian Blackmailing Jimmy Dore with #metoo Hoax for Exposing The Young Turks’ Pro-War Agenda

The Young Turks have always been a fake alternative media outlet that pushes the same talking points as CNN.

They are now in a war against Aaron Mate, Max Blumenthal and Jimmy Dore, defending the CIA and State Department’s war in Syria. They are accusing these guys of all being Russian agents because they don’t want a war in Syria.

I don’t understand the background on all of this drama, but here is the tweet thread that went viral. TYT host Ana Kasparian is accusing Aaron Mate of being a Syrian spy for not supporting a war in Syria.

This bitch is now trying to #metoo blackmail Jimmy Dore by saying that he sexually harassed her when he worked at The Young Turks.

She sent him a DM on Twitter threatening to expose a comment he made about her ass if he doesn’t stop being a Russian and Syrian shill.

The Young Turks are going all in on supporting the fake gas attack in Syria.

I can’t go into all of that right now, but long time readers remember that we covered this, and it was all a hoax.

These people the TYT people are attacking also exposed that hoax.

Now, Ana is getting hit up because she did a shill interview with Madeline Albright, a Jewish terror lord.

Again – I don’t understand the ins and outs here.

The woke left is entirely married to the neocon war project, and The Young Turks are kind of the key symbol of that marriage. They used to be against war, but now they’re pro-war – because they don’t really have to talk about war, and can instead just talk about child trannies and black people.

Anyway, I’m just trying to keep you informed. If you want to understand the details, you can watch the video at the top.

There is probably a lesson about women here. Ana is a traitor to the Armenian race. She is also a thirty-something that is no longer attractive.

But the bigger thing that I’m interested in is that there are a lot of leftists – associated with Mate, Dore, Blumenthal, along with people like Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi – who are against this Biden Administration hoax.

The thing about all of those people is: they’re all going to get banned. There is zero chance they’re going to be allowed to disagree with TYT long term, when Democrats have total power. A lot of Democrats are more threatened by this than by right-wingers.

Remember, it was a leftist that AOC sent the cops after for criticizing her.

I don’t agree with the communist agenda of these people, but I agree with them on a lot. I don’t think they should be banned. In a perfect world, rightists and leftists could have open discussion, and come to places where we agree, and figure out a way to run a new society.

Most of these people are not really unreasonable, from what I’ve seen. There is room for negotiation.

Of course: we don’t have a perfect world, and instead, they’re going to get banned like we’re all banned.

I don’t know what is going to happen in the future. It is possible that banning half of leftists like they’ve already banned 95% of rightists could lead to an incentive for some kind of free and open-source alternative.

Possibilities exist to use blockchain and other decentralized technologies to create open platforms.

In some sense, the more people that are banned the better, as that will ensure that there are the maximum number of people working on alternatives.