An Ironic Manifestation of Genuine Nazism

Cledun Elmy
Daily Stormer
September 12, 2016


Daily Stormer is often accused of “Hollywood Nazism” by people in the Alt-Right who lack understanding.

So what is “Hollywood Nazism”?

Until the internet, the Jews basically had total control of the Nazi image, and used it to portray Nazis as degenerate subhumans in their films, usually through association with the worst aspects of skinhead culture.

Jews also portrayed Nazis as evil people with no higher ideals.

So, from what I can see there are two characteristics that make up a “Hollywood Nazi”:

1) Skinheads living an anarchist “squat” lifestyle (as depicted in Romper Stomper), using drugs, committing petty crime, and maybe even low-key race mixing.


2) Sadists and monsters who rape and kill for the fun of it.

The first characteristic may have been true in the past, but really it is limited to a single subculture. And most skinheads aren’t Nazis, and there is no real evidence I’ve seen that most Nazi skinheads are degenerate – it’s just something people say, that they picked up from Jewish films and repeat as if it’s true. The Golden State Skinheads who battled scum at Sacramento are not drug using degenerates but working-class family men.


These men are your FRIENDS. They fight for FREEDOM.

The second characteristic also may have been true for individual people drawn to the National Socialism in the past, especially angry teenagers and young men who only knew about Nazism through Hollywood and public school and who found that this Jewish bogeyman satisfied their desire to lash out violently or treat people like shit.

Both traits are found in members of Aryan prison gangs, who deal meth and cover themselves with Nazi symbolism, but these men are part of a criminal enterprise and are not political, with the racial aspect being a tribal survival method necessary in the Negro-dominated penal institutions.To accuse internet Nazis of being an Aryan prison gang is pretty stupid.

Daily Stormer and Alt-Right National Socialists in general do not have either of these characteristics. There might be an individual involved here and there who is a degenerate or asshole but the growing movement itself is explicitly against that.

Andrew Anglin has repeatedly condemned drug use and called for them to be outlawed, for just one example.

We Stormers are also highly educated in the details of National Socialist ideology and are passionately committed to instituting them in reality.

So the idea that we are “Hollywood Nazis” doesn’t even really apply.

The claims themselves can also be contradictory.

We are called vulgar “Hollywood Nazis” but then compared negatively to Julius Streicher, who was an actual Nazi, a high ranking member of the party who was killed at Nuremberg.


The Jews killed this man for making mean cartoons about them.

Daily Stormer is named after Streicher’s weekly anti-Semitic tabloid “Der Sturmer,” which was full of hilarious vulgar cartoons and articles depicting Jews as rats and spiders and so on (gallery 1, 2).

So how is using racial epithets and vulgar propaganda “Hollywood Nazism” when it was a regular tactic of actual Nazism – and one that worked?

Some people of course fail to understand our humor (despite repeated patient explanations) and think when we say “gas the kikes race war now” we are literally calling for violence. Incitement to violence is against Daily Stormer policy and will get you banned permanently.

That said, it’s also strange for people to imply that the National Socialists in Germany were not violent. Hitler personally lead his SA into battle beating up communists during the 1920s. There is absolutely nothing “Hollywood” about righteous and necessary violence committed in the exaction of justice.


Beating up communists is PURE EVIL

It’s a sad state when wannabe aristocrats condemn Aryan warriors for being violent. These critics will keep raising the bar for when it’s acceptable, as if we have to wait until there is huge hierarchical centralized command structure to give us orders before we are allowed to fight the enemy.

This of course will be impossible until we win, and we can’t win if we don’t survive. And to survive the coming struggles, we will have to fight, because the Jews very soon are going to escalate their tactics to the next level, and start trying to kill us in the street. This has already happened.

Mostly the whining charge of “Hollywood Nazism” comes down to weaklings and ninnies who don’t like the tone here for emotional reasons, and are grasping at straws to express their displeasure. They prefer stuffed up conservatives in 3 piece suits writing 9,000 word essays nobody cares about but that use lots of ten-dollar words, because these things do not challenge them or push them outside their own comfort zone.

There’s one more aspect of the “Hollywood Nazi” charge that is to common to go unmentioned.

In my personal experience, the people I’ve seen attack Daily Stormer as “Hollywood Nazis” have nothing but scorn and slander for the National Socialists of the 1930s.

They imply that they are sympathetic to the National Socialists of the 1930s when it’s convenient so that they can attack hardcore Neo-Nazis, yet will go to repeat all the Jewish propaganda lies about Germany -blaming Germany for starting the war, claiming Hitler was anti-white or attacking him for his social background, even claiming Germans deserved Dresden and mass rape for doing the Holocaust.

I have seen this numerous times from numerous people in the Alt-Right who will all remain unnamed.

The “Hollywood Nazism” charge is thus just a cudgel used disingenuously. Not only is it objectively false for the above reasons, but those who make the charge do so underhandedly.

We here at Daily Stormer are committed National Socialists who seek to implement Adolf Hitler (PBUH)’s providential ideology in our own nations – to unite the men and women of our race as brothers and sisters, to provide for our people a good life, to preserve and promote high culture and aesthetics, and to breed our people up from the dysgenic morass we have floundered into.

And we will succeed. Whatever softcucks want to say about our methods, we are winning, and will continue to do so. It’s the Current Year, and the Alt-Right will either get on board the Nazi train or be left on the wrong side of history.

Hail Victory!