An Interview with Golden Dawn Australia Youth Front

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 26, 2016

Youth Front

Golden Dawn Australia Youth Front

A week ago I published an email interview I’d done with a Princeton student journalist about the horrors of the Jews and the destruction of Western society. The student journalist I’d been corresponding with following the weev printer hack had thought she was going to be allowed to publish an article on these hate-facts, and of course she was not allowed to do that.

When I spent the energy to write the email, I knew it there was virtually zero chance any of it would get published, but I also knew it wouldn’t be wasted energy, because I could just publish it here on DS.

A brother from Golden Dawn Australia Youth Front saw my post, and so sent me a long an informative interview he did with a journalist which the paper never ended up publishing.

This is that interview.


Your website seems to describe your organisation as Greek Australians who support Greek nationalism. Would you call that an accurate description?

Yes, that is correct. We are Australians of Greek heritage who support the Nationalist movement of Golden Dawn, the 3rd largest political party of Greece.

Like our chapters in Montreal & New York, we actively support Golden Dawn in their struggle for a free & sovereign Greece. All nations have the right to freedom and self determination, and we will not stand by while Greece remains a tributary and subjected state to the International loan sharks and Brussels criminal elite.

What is the Golden Dawn Youth Front?

The establishment parties in Greece are finding they are rapidly losing their younger voters, with Golden Dawn being the party of choice for young men in Greece. The same is true for our supporter base in Australia, as many of our members are under 30. Since 2014, we have organised the youth wing of the movement here in Australia. This is in sharp contrast to the KKE (Greek Communist Party) and New Democracy (the Greek ‘Centre Right’) support groups in Australia, which are made up of mostly senior citizens.

The Youth Front is active on a street level, organising posters & information flyers in Greek neighbourhoods to build support for the movement, as well as engaging with other Greek Australian youth groups who are sympathetic to our cause. The Golden Dawn Australia website is also run by youth front members, as well as many of our social media channels.

Like the Youth Front in Greece, we place an importance on exercise & martial arts, and promote healthy life styles amongst our comrades, free of the drug and alcohol fuelled frenzies we see with much of the modern Western youth.

I respond to this interview on behalf of the Youth Front, to share our insights with your readers about the situation in Greece and our struggle for a free Greece.

What are the short term goals of golden dawn in Australia?

Our goal is to compile resources and support for Golden Dawn. We have been active for a number of years in Australia and abroad, and along with other Nationalist organisations across Europe, have supported Golden Dawn initiatives which provide support for Greeks who are struggling to cope with the poverty brought about by the latest economic crisis. Specifically, our goals are to:

Provide relief to impoverished Greeks in need through aid, such as food & clothing appeals.Raise awareness in Australia about the situation in Greece.Stand in Solidarity with Golden Dawn, to show support for those who are fighting for our people.

We have sent tons of food, clothes, and other essentials toimpoverished Greeks over the years, as well as raising funds to support the party’s efforts in fighting for a free Greece. These include assisting with legal fees, and supporting struggling families of Golden Dawn Nationalists who have been the victim of Greece’s largest unconstitutional and politically motivated arrests, at the orders of a criminal and unjust regime.

What are the long term goals of golden dawn in Australia?

Our long term goals are to continue with our current operations in gathering resources and support for Golden Dawn. Currently we have active Golden Dawn divisions operating in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, and in the long term, we would like to expand our organisation to other cities where all patriotic Greeks may reside. Our objective is to see Golden Dawn legally & legitimately take power in Greece, and we will continue to support their efforts for a free Greece.

It’s important to note we have no plans to set up an official political party here in Australia, our mission is to specifically provide support for Golden Dawn in Greece.

Our latest initiative has been the launch of our official organisation, the Hellenic Nationalists of Australia. This provides us with an official & recognised platform to continue our support for the party, and to expand our activism across Australia.

What are the long term goals of Golden dawn in Greece?

The long term goal of Golden Dawn is to re-introduce Hellenism to the corrupt state that has rotted Greece from within since 1974. Golden Dawn will rebuild Greek society through nationalism & real socialism, to create a stronger and higher civilisation, free of the corruption and decadence that plagues the modern world. This is not about going ‘backwards’ and reverting to a technologically redundant state, it’s about rebuilding our society on the foundations that made our civilisation great in the past- tradition, family values, culture, strong leadership, trust, discipline, and respect.

It is important to understand that Golden Dawn existed well before there was an immigration problem in Greece. Golden Dawners are revolutionaries, not reactionaries, and our Nationalist ideology has existed since Ancient times and is embedded in our history as a people. While the mainstream media only focuses on our racialism, you need to look back at history and see that Greek Nationalism has taken power even during times when Greece was largely homogeneous (such as the 4th of August Regime & the 67′ Junta). A homogeneous Greece simply isn’t enough, we’ve seen how corrupt a largely ethnic Greek society can become under the liberal & capitalist opportunists of the PASOK / New Democracy era, and our return to nationalism will see the needs of Greeks fully addressed under a state that puts our people first.

Golden Dawn has the ideology to rebuild our state so that it can enrich and protect the lives of both Greek society, and Greek individuals alike. Golden Dawn’s Nationalist state would withdraw from the poisonous memorandum, and work towards rebuilding the Greek economy into a self-sufficient system that can sustain the economic livelihood of Greeks, without dependence or interruption from the global capitalist elite.

The focus is on rebuilding our agricultural sector (that was purposely destroyed by the EU), exploiting our largely untapped natural resources in the Aegean for the benefit of the Greek people, and re-engaging our industrial base that was slowly outsourced after the 1970s. Greece was largely self-sufficient under the Nationalist Junta of 67-74, thanks to a national program of construction, local investment, manufacturing and natural growth, so this is not unachievable as it has been done before in the very recent past.

Once we reclaim our economic and political independence from the EU and International loan sharks, we will realign ourselves politically & militarily with Orthodox Russia to safe guard against any foreign aggression. Golden Dawn will rebuild our largely neglected armed forces, placing national defence as a major priority for our survival.

Large industries will be nationalised, with the products and services offered by corporations to pass through thorough tests to ensure they enrich Greek society, and not work against our communal interests simply for profit. Dividends are to shared equally among the workers, and any surplus to be reinvested in Greece for the common benefit of our people, and not to the pockets of capitalist predators.

Through economic, political and military protectionism, Golden Dawn can advance Greek society through a form of local socialism, that directly meets the needs of our people, and only our people. This includes tax benefits for couples that produce children, fair pensions for our most vulnerable (the disabled & elderly), well deserving salaries for Greek workers to support their dependents without disrupting the traditional family unit, & freedom from usury.

A fair degree of free enterprise can be safely reserved for small and family businesses, offering the opportunity for Greek workers to purchase shares in the small private businesses they work for. This is to ensure a fair distribution of profit and to provide incentives for ingenuity & productivity, without resorting to crony capitalism.

Your website mentions ‘international powers that seek to destroy Hellenism.’

What are these international powers?

Since 2009, we’ve seen Greece’s birth rate drop to it’s lowest levels, more than a 1/3rd of the people exposed to poverty, up to 26% unemployment(over 50% youth unemployment), and the average Greeks’ salaries, wealth or pensions almost slashed in half. This is a clear attempt to strangle the Hellenic people to the brink of extinction, all thanks to the Troika (IMF, European Central Bank, and European Commission), an international coalition which is destroying Greece through the memorandum.

Also, there is the international investment bank Goldman Sachs, who cooked the books in cooperation with the EU bureaucrats to get Greece high on credit, which knowingly built up a massive debt that could never possibly be repaid. The price is Greece’s sovereignty & dignity, as it is now open to anyone and everyone who wants to buy a piece of our country or history at rock bottom prices. Our ports, and even some of our islandswill be no more.

Greece at it’s current state will forever be paying interest to the international loan sharks, reduced to a tributary state that takes orders from abroad. The second our occupational governments falls into arrears, you can expect our untapped natural resources to become fair game, and watch the EU pillage and bankrupt us beyond our current state.

We haven’t forgotten our own treacherous politicians, who compromised the integrity of our future for their own personal game while conspiring with the EU to sell out our nation. These politicians borrowed money to buy their votes, and sold off our manufacturing industry to the benefit of Germany’s export market. Now ordinary Greeks pay the price for their mistakes, but one day the people will rise up, and we will be heard.

Your website mentions ‘Americanisation’. Could you describe this and what your perceive are it’s effects on Greek society?

Americanisation is only a small part of the overall cultural decay of our modern society. It’s part of a broader problem of mindless consumerism,cultural Marxism & liberalism.

Specifically, if we look at Americanisation, it’s quite easy to see its effects on Greek society. Exactly how beneficial are the likes of Mcdonalds and Coke a Cola on Greek society? We are facing an obesity epidemic, in a country that was considered to have one of the most healthiest diets in the world. We have thousands of years of history, tradition and culture, all of which is slowly becoming ‘daggy’, while decadent American pop culture replaces the Hellenic identity of our people with rootless cosmopolitanism.

I’d much rather go to Greece and see authentic Greek culture, rather than a cheap imitation of a modern ‘global city’. Who wants to go to Athens and see a China Town, Pakistani slums, Star Bucks and posters promoting the latest Moley Sirus album? I much rather listen to an average Greek folk musician, as oppose to the greatest upcoming Greek ‘rapper’ who poorly imitates American ghetto culture. I much rather enjoy an authentic Greek Coffee than a super-sized monstrosity from the McCafe, and I much rather see Greeks dress well and conservatively from local made tailors rather than parading around in the latest American branded rubbish, which is made at the expense of some poor 3rd world sweat shop worker.

Let’s not even start on the loose morals & sexual decadence promoted by Hollywood, and the effect that has on young Greeks struggling to find a greater meaning in life while confined to a superficial & materialistic world.

Your position on foreign policy states ‘We have no interest in continuing our current treaties with the American imperialists, and will realign ourselves with Orthodox Russia.’Would Golden Dawn advocate Greece leaving Nato and the Eurozone and aligning itself with Putin’s administration?

Unless NATO seriously changed its geo-political direction, an eventual withdrawal under Golden Dawn would become inevitable. The purpose of NATO was to safeguard against a possible invasion from the Soviet Union, and now that the Soviet Union is gone, what is its purpose? The truth is that from the very beginning, NATO has been co-opted by the United States and Great Britain to align smaller and more vulnerable European states to the benefit of their global agenda.

NATO has not served the interests of Europeans to date, it serves only the interests of the International bankers, Zionists and EU bureaucrats who want to replace the Europe of Nations with a continental super state that destroys our very own national identity. A faceless land mass of consumers, lacking all sense of identity, culture and resistance, servings as slaves to the capitalist elite.

Russia has stronger historical, religious and cultural ties with Greece, and can guarantee us safety when we remove ourselves from the globalist chasm, as we have seen in Syria.

With regards to the Eurozone, a sovereign state requires control of its own currency and finances for the benefit of our people, so we must also remove ourselves from the Eurozone. This will not happen overnight if Golden Dawn took power, as our leader Michaloliakos has made it clear that we need to reinvest all available resources into rebuilding our primary sector (namely agriculture and manufacturing), before we can slowly withdraw from the Eurozone. A rapid cut off from the Eurozone could potentially be disastrous from your average Greek, as we are unable to feed or maintain ourselves given the state of economic decay, thanks to nearly 40 years of anti-nationalism under the likes of PASOK/New Democracy, and more recently Syriza.

What does your website mean by ‘international jewery?’

Well, for a start there is the World Jewish Congress, Zionist General Council, European Jewish Parliament, B’nai B’rith International, American–Israeli Cooperative Enterprise, International Federation of Rabbis, Women’s International Zionist Organization… I could go on.

We also have the militantly pro-Israeli lobby that operates in Washington, essentially influencing the world’s most powerful military machine for the benefit of Israel. Specifically, we can identify these pro-Zionist think tanks as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) and the Neo-Conservative bloc, formerly made of mostly Jewish Trotskyites who went on to join the Republican party, and today still hold considerable influence on the American so called Centre ‘Right’.

There are some individuals of interest as well, who are extremely hostile to Golden Dawn. We’ve written about Ronald S. Lauder, head of World Jewish Congress, who personally ordered former Greek PM Samaras on March of 2013 to action against the Golden Dawn, eventually leading to our unconstitutional arrest in September of that year.

George Soros is another Jewish billionaire who is extremely hostile to Greece and Golden Dawn, personally funding NGOs to promote mass illegal immigration and financing efforts under the guise of ‘humanitarianism’ to undermine Greece, as he has done in the past with Serbia and the Ukraine. George Soros has even funded Anarchists groups to combat the work of Greek Nationalists, while telling Europe they need to accept no less than 1 million ‘refugees’ a year.

Even in our very own Aussie backyard, 4 out of 5 of Australia’s richest families are Jewish, as are 6 out of 10 of our wealthiest individuals. So what exactly do these elite Jews do with the disproportionately huge amount of wealth and influence they have built up over the years?

For starters, former Australian Foreign Affairs minister Premier Bob Carr already exposed the influence of the Israeli lobby which functions within our political arena. The Zionist Federation of Australia and the Australian/Israeli Jewish Affairs Council are backed by very influential and wealthy Jews, many who are committed to furthering the Zionist agenda abroad, be it the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories, or using Australian political influence to support Neoconservative imperialism around the globe.

The result of these lobby groups have caused Aussie soldiers to unnecessarily die while fighting for Israel & America’s interests in the Middle East, as well as making us a target to various groups around the world who we would otherwise have no conflict with at all. All this international manipulation comes from a tiny minority that makes up less than 0.3% of Australia’s population, so we have every right to state these facts, regardless of hard they cry ‘antisemitism’.

How much of a threat to Greece and Greek culture Does Golden dawn Perceive Turkey to be given both nations are aligned in NATO?

NATO hasn’t done much to protect Greece from Turkey. The Turkish air force violates our airspace on an almost weekly (if not daily basis), which is extremely hypocritical considering their reaction to the Russian Jet they shot down last year, especially when no hard proof has been presented to suggest the Russians did indeed cross into Turkish airspace.

Turkey is responsible in assisting human traffickers who send illegal immigrants (mostly Muslims) into Greece, as well as threatening to send thousands more should the EU not cave into their ransom and political demands.

The Turks are also funding the radicalisation of our Muslim minority in the region of Thrace, in hopes of one day annexing the area into their Neo-Ottoman empire.

NATO does nothing to protect our National interests from Turkey, and they most certainly did nothing when Turkey brutally invaded the overwhelmingly Greek island of Cyprus, an illegal occupation that continues today unbroken since 1974.

It’s obvious that NATO provides no such protection to Greece from Turkey, and it’s almost a done deal that Turkey will be a given a green light to attack Greece should Golden Dawn ever take power. This is why a strong military relationship with Russia is not just preferred, but needed.

Fortunately NATO has slipped into a state of decline, and Turkey has now been warned by NATO that it cannot guarantee it’s support should they further provoke Russia. This all works to our favour, and makes the possibility of a nationalistic Greece ever more real.

What is the relationship between Golden Dawn and Christianity? Would golden Dawn be in favor of implementing more religiously/theologically orientated acts in parliament?

Golden Dawn is officially a secular Nationalist movement.

To expand further, it is important to understand that Golden Dawn is secular in the sense that we do not take orders from any religious organisation, and respect the spiritual rights of our fellow Hellenes, regardless of their degree of faith.

Having said that, Greek Orthodoxy is the main religious body that has important historical & spiritual rights in our country, and the main belief to which the majority of our supporters adhere to. We recognise that the separation of Church and State is not as clear cut in Greece as it is in other Western states, and that the Greek Orthodox Church serves as an important body, interwoven in the very fabric of the Greek ethno-state that was established in 1828. As traditionalists, it’s in our interests to preserve the spiritual and religious freedoms observed by Greeks, and to respect our National religion as an important pillar of Hellenic society.

Under Golden Dawn, all Greek institutions will need to operate in the interests of the Greek people, rather than for their own monetary, personal or social gain. The church of course will be of no exception, and corrupt clergymen found to be working against our national interests or committing crimes against our people will be served the same punishment as do all other traitors to our state.

Does Golden Dawn support or in anyway endorse the Assad regime? Why Does Golden dawn take the position it does on the Syrian Civil war?

Assad is the only legitimate leader in Syria, supported by nearly 90% of his people in recent elections.

We have said this prior to the hostilities in the region, and support the Syrian government & people in their struggle to preserve their nation from the hostile elements of the international community. We are not afraid to name these hostile internationalists, they are the Americans, the Israelis, the Saudis, the Qataris and the Turks, who have all actively conspired against Syria in the last 5 years. The only crime of the Syrian people is maintaining a stable socialist state that peacefully removed itself from the decadent globalist movement, a state that from day 1 has opposed the imperial agenda of the Zionists and their crimes in Palestine and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Syria has no International Monetary Fund debts, has a nationalised banking system that doesn’t burden its people with unjust usury & preserves the distinct cultural and religious identities of its people. For this reason, they have made many enemies abroad, as they have presented a working and viable nationalist alternative to the globalists.

Like Iraq, Libya & Afghanistan, the Neo-cons had their eye on Syria for a long time, even before the events September 11th. It wasn’t until Assad refused to play ball with the Qataris & their pipeline project, that the US found their Wahhabi allies in the region where more willing than ever to topple Syria. The so called Free Syrian Army (‘Moderate Jihadists’) and their extremist allies all received funding, important strategic support, military training, medical care and arms, either directly or indirectly from the Americans, Israelis, Turks and Wahhabi Gulf states.

These terrorists, many of whom are not even Syrian, where given the moral & political support from abroad to invade Syria and to take down Assad following the contrived ‘Arab Spring’. The tools of the Washington-Zionists & Wahhabis (the so called ‘rebels’) have caused the loss of thousands of innocent lives in Syria, not to mention the massive destruction that will take decades to rebuild in what was one of the most successful States in the region.

We supported Assad before the Russian intervention, even when the future was bleak for Syria. Now that the tide is turning in favour of Assad, we also have a sense of assurance, should we follow a similar fate when the globalists turn their attention to a Nationalist government in Greece. They did this to us in 1974, but this time, the Russians will be on our side, as Putin has presented himself as a defender of Traditionalism.

i want to draw your attention to the quote on your website ‘With our indigenous population shrinking, and no control over the thousands of invaders who illegally enter Greece every year, there simply will be no Greeks left in the future if current trends continue.’ Is this quote based in any study and is there a specific time at which it is projected there will be no Greeks left?

Greece was largely a homogeneous nation for most of the post war period, with the data showing that less than 1.8% of Greece was made up of foreigners during the 1980s and early 90s.

The first major wave of foreigners really began when the communist states collapsed, starting with the Albanians in the mid 90s. In addition to the massive spike in crime brought about by Albanians, undocumented illegals from elsewhere began their invasion in the early 2000s. In 2001, the number of foreigners in Greece rose from 1.6% to nearly 7%, in the space of just 10 years.

That is a radical change, especially considering Greece has experienced a massive decline in fertility, with ranges as low as 1.1% due to the recent financial crisis. That is well below replacement level, so each Greek generation will continue to drop in half as we continue at this present rate. While the indigenous Greek population continues to naturally drop by up to 50% with each generation, we also have our youngest and brightest leaving the country at rates not seen since the post war period. Over 200,000 Greeks have left Greece since the financial crisis, another demographic disaster that is robbing us of our youth, and with it our future.

Since 2001, the immigration problem has only gotten worse. Millions of illegals have entered Greece in the last 25 years, and the numbers continue to rise to unprecedented levels. 8 times as many illegals have entered Greece in the first 2 months of 2016, compared to this same time last year. Up to 70,000 are estimated to be trapped in Greece by March, as neighbouring countries begin forcibly closing their borders.

Today, Greece has become swamped by illegal aliens, so much that up to 25% of the labour force in Greece is estimated to be made up of undocumented workers, causing a huge amount of problems for a country that faces up to 50% youth unemployment. Over 50% of crimes are committed by immigrants in Greece, a hugely disproportionate numbers which shows the multiculturalism in Greece simply isn’t working. Greece has neither the infrastructure, the economy, or resources to sustain its own population, let alone thousands of illegals. This latest invasion is a burden on the Greek people, and I don’t think the illegals feel much better in Greece either.

The latest demographic trends are simply not sustainable. The indigenous Greeks are shrinking, and the number of immigrants is expanding rapidly. At this rate, we will be a minority in our own country, and we will be bred out of existence by a criminal regime that is happy to replace us with cheap foreign labour while working class Greeks can’t afford to start families.

If numerically as many immigrants came to Greece through legal avenues than supposedly do illegally would this still have the same detrimental effects on Greek society and Greek values that you describe on your website?

Right now, the biggest threat to Greece’s demographics is our diminishing birth rate, and illegal immigration. These are rampant problems that if continued, will be an existential threat from which we can never recover.

Specifically, to answer your question, if all these illegals where admitted to Greece through legal channels, they would still be still be a problem. Greece would simply no longer be Greek when we are replaced by non-Hellenes, legal or not. To expand on this, legal immigration can be either a problem or benefit, depending on the way it is implemented by our governments.

Most of Greece’s legal immigration included the repatriation & asylum of ethnic Greeks from around the world, such as the Pontians who faced a horrible genocide at the hands of the Turks during and after WW1. In later years, many ethnic Greeks from former Communist countries relocated to Greece, all of whom where integrated into modern Greek society. All these are honourable examples of our homeland offering our people a chance to join their fellow countryman, in a nation that was founded as an ethno-State for the Greek people. You can not expect the same integration from 3rd world invaders, who have no connection to the Greek people, nor respect for our national sovereignty or way of life.

Now, to take Australia as an example, the same proves true, as it does everywhere else in the world. Quite simply, all migrant groups are not equal, and despite the egalitarian propaganda of the West, everyone in Australia knows that you can not realistically compare your average Somali to a Greek. While they may deny the differences, either through fear of repercussions or through genuine indoctrination, reality simply does not add up to the religion of equality. Equality certainly doesn’t prove to be true when we look at crime rates, literacy, unemployment, household income and general social integration.

The Greeks and other European migrants that came to Australia during the White Australia policy successfully integrated over the years because we share a common Western heritage with the founders of this nation. Despite the superficial differences, through controlled numbers and reasonable character and health checks, Australia was able to adsorb these migrants with relative ease, while the same has not proven to be true for other ethnic groups. Take a look at the poorest suburbs in Sydney, do they have something in common? It seems after 40 years of free healthcare, education, public housing, multiculturalism and other welfare benefits, the Vietnamese and Lebanese still can’t get ahead, no matter how hard our government tries.

For those that do prove to be financially successful, more problems still present. The thousands of Chinese and Indians that legally enter Australia every year will in most cases, preserve their indigenous ethnic identity. Putting the few outliners aside, the Chinese & Indians will prefer to socialise, marry and do business with people from their communities. This balkanisation is clearly evident to any person who lives in a major metropolitan city within Australia.

Through legal immigration & the removal of protectionism, I’ve seen the Chinese community grow from a relatively little community of small business owners with limited trade in Australia, to dominating Sydney’s university student body, ATAR results, real estate industry, and manufactured goods, all within my short life time. When I was a kid, China Town was just a couple of streets in Haymarket. Today we have Chinese hubs in Epping, Hurtsville, Bankstown, Eastwood, Campsie, Ashfield, Cabramatta, Burwood, Chatswood, Flemington, and Kingsford, just to name a few. Now I don’t know where Chinatown starts and where it ends, it’s that huge.

Through the removal of our racial and economic protectionism in the 1970s, the Chinese have now completely routed us financially, as they collectively work together to dominate our most important resources. I think the future for this city will be exceptionally bleak when Europeans and other groups become an underclass serving the Chinese capitalist and professional elite. Conflict is inevitable, either that or we simply follow the same fate of the Aboriginal.

While people from other ethnic groups are not ‘bad people’, legal immigration compromises the integrity of the nation, as people from different communities have different values, religions, cultures, languages, and interests that are often in conflict with one another. It has been shown in studies that Multiculturalism inevitably leads to either conflict, or at best, a low trust society with declining civic engagement. It divides communities, and even alienates and atomises those within ethnic communities.

The majority of us prefer our own, that’s why we belong to tribes and to nations, to protect our interests as a unique people. This is something that has always been known, and now the science is here to prove it. Friends have been found to be genetically similar, as are married couples, andeven babies prefer the company of their own racial kin. This is simply nature, regardless if you slander it as ‘racist’.

I can’t think of too many ‘successful’ multicultural countries free of conflict & racism, the general rule seems to be the more diversity, the more communal conflict. Racial problems plague much of Western Europe where you find large migrant communities, as well as the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, not to mention the religious and ethnic tensions in Africa, Asia & the Middle East.

While it’s possible to integrate small numbers of people from similar cultures to the host nation, legal immigration is often abused by Western governments to drastically change the face of our societies, for the benefit of cheap laboureconomic growth, and pathological altruism. We live in times where our governments think only in terms of profit, and care not for our identity, unique cultures or the very real biological diversity that we find among the people of the world, something that we believe is worth preserving.

If you were to describe Golden dawn’s ideal nation what would it be?

Golden Dawn’s ideal for Greece would be a social-nationalist state that preserves our Hellenic identity and works for the advancement of our civilisation & people. We believe the Greeks have a right to a Greece that is Greek, free from usury, poverty, and international subordination. All Greeks should have access to free health care, fair pensions, secure jobs, higher education, and a state that enriches their needs as individuals while complimenting the broader Hellenic society as a whole.

We are not interested in building a society that values money, materialism, and hedonism, as we have seen in the last 40 years under the liberal-capitalist cancer that has destroyed our state. Our goal is to build a high trust society that values our ancient principles, and continues to strive for advancement & greatness. We want to promote the sciences, arts, our language, our history, our culture and above all, our dignity as a founding race of Western civilisation.

The ideal Greece is one that is economically and culturally self sufficient, free of the ups and inevitable downs of globalist finance, as well as the Cultural Marxist poison that is slowly killing our identity and morals as a distinct and proud people. Our ideal state lives in a Europe of the Nations, not a faceless super continental-state run by the Brussels kleptocrats.

We believe all nations have the right to preserve their culture and identity, and we will oppose the decadent globalists and the international loan sharks with our might. We want good relations with the international community, while respecting each others boundaries & national sovereignty.

Where would immigrants, Jews and Muslims and more socialistic leaning individuals be in relation to the state and society?

Those that are here illegally will be repatriated, and returned to their families back home. Our state, using dated 1920s infrastructure, literally deported half a million Turks nearly 100 years ago, so this isn’t an ‘impossible’ task with our extensive & modern shipping network.

As history has shown, we may not even have to deport each and every one, as a Nationalist Greece would create an environment where such undesirables (illegal or not) will often opt for self-removal once they realise our state will not enrich them with free accommodation at the expense of homeless indigenous Greeks. Ask the ethnic Greeks of Southern Albania, Odessa, and Central Asia, see how they opted for self-repatriation under the former communist states.

Regarding Greek ‘socialists’, we are the only party that has any hope of implementing real socialism for the Greeks, so it’s hard to say we would oppose such ideas. If by socialists you mean the shameless cosmopolitan parasites that think socialism involves burning the Greek flag and flooding our nation with 3rd world invaders, then we have every right to criticise their anti-Hellenic agenda, and they have every right to voluntarily leave Greece if they hate their nation so much.

We have no interest in banning ideas, as the current establishment has shown how unsuccessful that can be in their failed attempt to outlaw our party & ideology, a move that has only made us stronger. Instead, we prefer meaningful public discourse to expose their self-hatred for Greeks, and to challenge their ideas through constructive debate when they chose to criticise our right to self preservation.

We most certainly won’t tolerate violent anarchists throwing Molotov cocktails at public property, and we certainly won’t turn a blind eye to communist terrorist groups that have plagued Greece for the last century. Those that purposely seek to harm or act against the interests of the Greek people will be charged with treason. Those that accept funding from anti-Greek NGOs in order to undermine our sovereignty can also expect to face trial for the traitors they are.

As for Muslims and Jews, small communities have existed in Greece for centuries, and have prospered under nationalist governments when they have proven their loyalty to the Greek state.

The Pomaks (a small community of Slavic-speaking Muslims in Thrace) where allowed to live in the region within their communities, provided the territory remained part of Greece. During the 67′ Junta, Greek nationalists scaled back Turkish expansionism & cultural manipulation in the region, and realigned the Pomak identity away from Turkey and back to the Greek state. The Pomaks did not rebel, and where allowed to maintain their way of life in Thrace while remaining loyal to Greece.

The Jews of Greece, both the Sephardi and Romaniote groups, make up a smaller community in modern Greece (estimated as low as 5,000), have also at times lived in peace within Greece when they have proven their loyalty to our state, such as during the Metaxas nationalist government in the 1930s. A similar success story exists in modern Iran, where the small Jewish community remains loyal to Iran, free of Zionist manipulation.

It seems with a strong nationalist government, these small minorities rarely step out of line, but it isn’t surprising how quick they are to turn against Greece when the government shows weakness, as is the case today. If the Pomaks, Romaniotes and Sephardic communities respect our laws and remain loyal to Greece, they will have nothing to fear, and are welcome to call Greece home. Any attempts to undermine Greece or the Greek people will be answered with the full force of the law, as traitors to our state will be served the harshest of punishments.


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