An Interesting Theory About the Secret Plan of Real President

Everyone is trying to figure out what exactly Real President Trump is doing, given that he is not especially visible right now, in a time when he should be visible.

This was posted on /pol/ on Tuesday:

I just had a few drinks with someone who even encouraged me to share this on /Pol/ for a morale boost. Believe what you will. This friend of mine is pretty connected. His kids are former military officers (as am I) and they’re now civilians working for DOD. My friend knows Mike Flynn personally. They’ve done work together (pre-Trump era). They’re both huge on JJ Angleton (the former “wilderness of mirrors” counterintelligence spook). Naturally, we talked about the election. I brought up Trump’s chances in the Supreme Court and my friend responded: “Can’t you see this was a sting?” We then talked about “Q” – what Q is and what Q is not. For starters, Q is real. Q is an official person in the Trump administration (ECW). Q is not an all-knowing, all-powerful time traveler. It’s a really sharp 34-year-old dude posting on a message board. As of last week, he’s now the intelligence chief at the Pentagon. He’s also super close to Flynn.

When the MSM/Deep State managed to get Flynn out of Trump’s cabinet in early 2017, they began planning a counterintelligence operation that came to fruition in October 2017. This was “Q.” We’re all familiar with Q. The idea behind Q was to build a pro-Trump political movement that transcended traditional Republican politics and conservative loyalties. That clearly worked (look at how Q candidates did in 2018 and 2020 in Congress). They also dangled a lot of “truths” and “half-truths” out there to expose the true nature of our trans-Atlantic EU-U.S. corruption (i.e. the child trafficking networks).

But – here’s where 2020 come into play – the strategic objective of Trump’s first term was… to win a second term (duh)! Clearly, Trump’s preference would have been to win a “clean” victory on election night. But he knew that wasn’t going to happen. He knew the MSM would do what they did. He knew the spooks would do what they did. They SAID they’d do this and Trump predicted it too. So, for the last four years, especially since the 2018 EO that we’re all talking about, Trump’s contingency plan was to set up a sting. Durham, bitching about Crossfire Hurricane, Barr, Biden-China, Uranium One, Epstein and gang, etc. – it was all about fucking THIS. It was all about RIGHT NOW and winning 2020 in the most epic way possible. That’s what this is right now. This is a sting and if it works it’ll clear the way for a second-term free of opposition. Trump knew he couldn’t “clean house” in the first term. They’d have come after him too hard. It’d be “too much, too soon” if he truly locked these fuckers up six months into office. He played defense and now he gets to play offense. Watch what happens. My friend said expect that “the storm is upon us” tweet shortly.

Then we did shots.

It’s definitely a fake story, but that’s kind of what QAnon itself is all about: fake stories that may or may not contain an element of truth.

It’s been rather obvious to me that Q is somehow connected to Donald Trump in a semi-official capacity, because it doesn’t make sense why else anyone would make up all of this pro-Trump stuff and spend all of these years posting it. It definitely has been extremely successful in galvanizing a hard base of fanatical Trump supporters, who do not care about the Republican Party.

Also: it’s very hard for me to believe that Trump doesn’t have a plan. He knew this election was going to be a fraud for many months, and he described the whole thing in great detail. There are clips (which I can’t find right now because of the censorship) of him laying it all out, step by step, exactly as it happened.

So I think we can have confidence that there is a plan. The plan might not work, and it’s on some level hard to believe that it could work, given this whole Great Reset agenda and the aggressiveness with which the globalists are pushing back.

But hey – it might work.

God is on our side, and that means anything is possible.