An H.P. Lovecraft Show is Premiering on HBO Next Month…

They’re finally making a big budget H.P. Lovecraft TV series.

As a major Lovecraft fan, I was happy to hear about this. I personally believe that Lovecraft has some stories which would work very well in both film and television, and have been heavily saddened by the fact that the industry has failed to produce anything good from his work.

HBO has a mixed track record with their original programming, but they’ve definitely done some good stuff, and they would have the resources to make a legitimate Lovecraft TV series that was legitimately good.

There’s just one problem…

It’s all blacks!

Literally, this is a black show!

Nothing in it but a bunch of black people!

Clearly, this is Jordan Peele – the black film director who produced Lovecraft Country – taking a shot at the legacy of Lovecraft himself. Lovecraft was an infamous racist, not just in his personal life, but as a writer. Many of his stories feature beastlike negroes, wily Asiatics and conniving hook-nosed Jews.

If Peele would say, “you know, I know Lovecraft didn’t think much of my kind, but I really love the guy’s work, and I’m going to make a show that will be something that he would be proud of,” then a lot of people would have respect for that.

Instead, he’s said, “those passages in Lovecraft about black beasts really rustled my jimmies, so I’m going to shit all over him, and make a show that would disgust him as a way to insult the legacy of an infamous racist.”

This was something that was done with the 2018 Aquaman film as well, which featured Lovecraftian themes but made a point to attack the author. Some other show also did this, and The Verge claimed it was a trend.

I don’t know why, if these people don’t like Lovecraft because he was a racist, they don’t just leave him alone and let him rest in peace. Basically, he was not especially popular in the modern era, specifically because his works went out of publication because the Jews who run the publishing industry were offended by it.

So why not let it lie? Why keep doing these attacks on him?

In actuality, this show isn’t based on Lovecraft at all, but on a 2016 novel called “Lovecraft Country” that is about a black man fighting against racism, and features parallels between cosmic horror and racism. Because the one thing scarier than gigantic hell-monsters from outer space is someone hating the color of the skin.

The author of that book, Matt Ruff, is everything you would expect and worse.

Jordan Peele has had a lot of success using horror themes that are popular with normal white people to push his black racial nonsense on people who otherwise would not be interested.

However, the people are left wondering if it is his plan or the plan of his weasel-faced Jew wife.

Peele actually is a talented comedian, and a talented writer insofar as he was the writer of the various good sketches on his comedy show “Key & Peele.” However, his movies are simply not good. I had to watch “Get Out” simply because it was a cultural phenomenon and I wanted to know what was going on with it, and it was everything that E;R’s review said it was.

I did not watch “Us,” though I’ve heard it was not as bad.

The Twilight Zone television show that Peele produced was not a black race propaganda show, but it sucked.

Peele may be a talented black artist. I’m not against the possibility of such a thing. In fact, I would like it if there were more productive black people, as that could potentially lead to black people pursuing pursuits other than murder and mayhem, which would be a positive development for everyone. However, at this point, I have seen nothing at all to make me believe that Peele is good at anything other than shucking and jiving.

I will not be watching this Lovecraft show, and will not review it. However, I have been occasionally reading from a complete works collection of Lovecraft, and I might write some reviews for this site. Actually, I was also thinking about writing a piece of fan fiction.

The premiere episode of Lovecraft Country airs on August 16 on HBO and