An Extremely Unfortunate Turn of Events

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 7, 2017

Firstly, I want to say that no one has any idea what is going on here. I certainly do not.

I can only analyze based on what we all know: on April 6, 2017 – exactly 100 years after the United States entered WWI, by the way – Trump launched an attack, 57 tomahawk missiles from the Mediterranean Sea, on a Syrian airbase in Homs, for the stated reason that the Assad baby-gassing was real in his mind and the pictures of gassed babies made him sad.

I do think we need to be slow in our analysis, and wait until we know more about just what the hell is going on. But whatever the case, this is an extremely bad deal, and I’m having a very difficult time understanding how it could be justified.

So what is even going on here?

Here are the basic options:

  1. Trump saw the pictures of GAS BABY MEME and it made him feel so sad that he decided to risk starting WWIII with Russia to avenge the GAS BABY MEME. This is the official story, as I understand it. This seems very unlikely.
  2. There is some kind of complex backroom dealings Machiavellian trickery going on, with this whole thing being staged to prove that Trump isn’t a Russian shill. Putin could perhaps understand the need for this, and go along with it, until Trump is in a better place. This seems unlikely. If something like that was needed, it could be done by, say, arming the Ukrainians.
  3. Trump was part of a conspiracy from the beginning, and all Jews just pretended to be against him. Now we’re just seeing his real self. This is too complicated and weird, but it’s something a lot of people are no doubt entertaining. It’s technically possible, but I think very unlikely, and I think promoting that discredits more serious criticism of what’s going on here.
  4. There is some kind of political favor-trading going on. This would have to be a big favor. Trump has really, really pissed a lot of people off. Also, Bannon threatening to quit does not jive with that theory.
  5. This is some kind of a setup to blame Israel and the Jews for manufacturing a false flag gas attack in Syria, which will lead to the entire war being called off permanently. This is by far the most appealing possibility, although I’m not seeing it as very likely, statistically, as it seems a very roundabout way of getting this done. He could have just called for an investigation into the gas explosion.
  6. Trump is being manipulated by people around him in some straightforward manner, with Jared Kushner the Jew in particular gaining influence over his mind. This is the secondary official story, as touted by the New York Times and others. I fail to see how Kushner could just be swaying Trump with compelling arguments, however, and it isn’t like Trump didn’t know that this attack was going to alienate if not completely collapse his entire base. So, “I’ll just go ahead and follow the advice of this Jew and do the opposite of what my stated policy was up until two days ago” doesn’t make any sense.
  7. Some kind of mind control beam or nanobots or something.
  8. Trump is being manipulated by Jews and the “deep state” intelligence community in a devious manner, involving threats and/or blackmail. This is by far the most likely option, as well as the worst possible option (I guess “he’s always been a Jewish conspiracy” is an equally bad option, though far less likely). This could be sex stuff, death threats or even impeachment threats.

If the last one is true, we have a very, very serious problem on our hands, as it means Trump is now under the control of the Jews. At least, until he is able to figure out some way to get out from under that control.

I don’t know where we go from here.

We all disavow the strike, we disavow the implications of it, but we aren’t going to know what it means really until the next thing happens (whatever it is).

Important Thing

This is very emotionally difficult for all of us. I was just joking earlier about punching a brick wall and needing surgery on my hand, but I sort of metaphorically did that. I was really raging. This is very, very hard.

I think we should really try to stick together here and not attack one another. No good can come of that.

Some people have immediately flipped out and condemned Trump forever as evil and a part of a Jewish conspiracy, some are confused and waiting to see what happens next. We should all understand that for all of us, this is extremely difficult, and try to support each other.

Seriously. What happened last night is “son, your father and I are getting a divorce”-tier soul-crushing.

When I read that headline on my phone, while I was having a cup of tea, I felt my heart break.

We need to not be at each other’s throats. Please, try to uphold that. We need to stick together.

We will find out what’s happening, and we will move forward. The Alt-Right was never Donald Trump.

We need to take care of each other in this very difficult time.

One More Thing

The other thing to remember is that the strike itself is not a huge thing, as an isolated incident. The problem here is that it isn’t an isolated incident. This is connected to everything else, and it certainly implies that a greater offensive against Assad is in the works.

Russia has said they will shoot down American planes that are bombing Assad.

So if this escalates, it is going to escalate quickly.


I stand with the American people, and what is best for the American people, and another goddamn war in the Middle East – let alone a war with Russia – is against the interests of the American people.

Donald Trump said he agrees with this.

Either he does, or he doesn’t.

Either way, I stand with the people.

And I stand for the United States of America.

Hail Victory.