An Aryan Princess and Her True Love Survive Coronavirus Together

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 9, 2020

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This is a new story, highlighting the love of these two beautiful people.

Tampa Bay Times:

Moe Suliman has a history of whirlwind romances.

He married his first wife just three months after they met.

That lasted 10 years.

His second wife was his best friend of 15 years.

They dated for six weeks before he slipped a wedding ring on her finger.

They divorced less than two months later.

Suliman’s latest fast-moving relationship tops each, he said, and they think it could have a happily ever after.

He met Destiny Ploof in February and they were living together less than a month later.

Then, he was hospitalized with the coronavirus.

She is certain she had it too.

He thought he was going to die.

She thought she’d die without him.

They both survived.

So did their relationship.

And, after that ordeal, they are certain their love is real.

Yeah, I’m certain it is too.

White women just love this:

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They will look at right-wing memes and go and find the person who looks most like the villain from those memes to spread their legs for.

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Speaking of women in the movement:

It just never ends.

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