An Arab on How Multiculturalism Destroyed the Gulf States

Daily Stormer
December 23, 2014

They came to take... my sand.
They came to take… my sand.

It is rare that we have instances of multiculturalism effecting non-Whites, but when it does, you can guarantee they don’t like it either.

Below is a post found on Reddit from an Arab on the way multiculturalism has changed the Persian Gulf.

The parallels are interesting, to say the least.

Contains course language.

Arabia Isn’t Arab Anymore

Not sure if this is the right place for this but fuck the police right.

I’m Iraqi I have lived in the Gulf (between 3 countries: Saudi, UAE, Qatar) my whole life and I have seen it change, more or less for the worst.

I grew up in Sharjah in the UAE, around the central Muhattah area which had a nice park, one of the most symbolic Souq’s of the UAE and an Arab revolt museum.

Fast forward to 2002 the curry invasion starts, foreign construction companies began to mass import South Asians to build apartments for the influx of expats who came to work for big companies like Nissan Middle East.

The cultural rape didn’t take long but it started with the shops in the Blue Souq which used to sell gold, ornament swords and persian rugs quickly got bought by wealthier Indians and turned into bootleg dvd stores (I’m not fucking kidding there were like 3 in each wing).

Remember that nice park? More like a toilet now. I went back to see it recently and Indians are still pissing and shitting all over the kids sand box and surrounding buildings. I once saw an Indian kid drop his pants and take a shit in the middle of a mall.

It is so bad now that the cinemas in Dubai do not show Arabic movies, they show bollywood ones. The vast terrifying majority of the Gulf is now Indians, the only country where Arabs are the majority is Saudi Arabia.

Did I mention crime? My mother was scared to leave the house alone once the Indians took over, stories in the news paper about some sick Pakistani fuck who went around killing Arab women with two knives hidden under his jacket made headlines.

We actually had secret police (am el dawla) at our house once because some one (of course indian) was following my mother all the time.

Apart from that the Indians brought with them an array of scams, every 5 seconds getting a text from some one who was dying in hospital and needed me to text #500 to send them “5 dirhams” (it sends 500 if it wasn’t clear).

They still do it, I went to Dubai last month and some Afghan guy was trying to sell me stolen phone credit.

They even pulled the old “You have won 1 million dollars!” shit.

Customer service? for-fucking-get it. The local Emiratis were lazy as fuck but at least they knew what to do. Indians bullshit you so much, the worst of times they repeat what you say. I remember my father would ask if they were giraffes and they would just wobble their head and say “Giraffe”.

So yeah, just ranting. Please for the love of god do not ever buy into the bullshit of multiculturalism. Apart from all the shit I said above I don’t actually have a problem with a few Indians coming to work, but I would appreciate if they didn’t fucking annex the whole country and push its culture into the dust. Want to see the culture of the UAE apart from sky scrapers and the bullshit “super traditional arabian heritage” they sell to tourists?

Well unless you know an Emirati and go to their house you’re not going to anymore.