An American Guide to Resisting Vax Mandates (It Won’t Work, But It’s Here)

A pureblooded female sleeps pleasantly in the forest

I don’t think it is possible to resist vaccine mandates in the long run. I think for the most part, purebloods simply need to accept that their career is over, and that if they have any work in the future, it is going to be in a rural setting.

However, it makes sense that people want to do everything they can to keep their jobs, and force their companies to fire them after they’ve done everything they can.

Firstly, let me say: you should already be moved outside of the city. No matter what, you should have done that. But, as I explained last year (many, many times), it is possible to commute to work in the city from a dwelling place outside of the city.

If you are currently commuting like this, and want to try to keep your job, then as I say – you might as well try. At least you can keep drawing checks for a while longer. If you stonewall them, you could draw it out potentially for several months.

At the same time: you need to remember that things are going to get very, very weird at some point in the future. I think it will probably be this winter, but hey – it might not be! I’m not 100% sure. But if you are currently commuting to work, you need to be ready to stop going to work if it looks like they’re going to lockdown the city you work in. It is possible that you could get in a situation where you go to work, and then they won’t let you return to your home outside of the city, because they’ve locked the city down. That’s unlikely, and more probably you would get more warning than that. And most likely, even if they did lock a city down with the military, they would let you leave if you explained your home is outside of the city. Then, you would just not go back to work.

This stuff is all happening and you need to think about it before it happens.

Anyway, all that having been said, I am going to link this guide to fighting back against vax mandates at your places of employment from the Catholic website Life Site News.

It’s comprehensive, and it is the best shot you’ve got.

Again: it will not work.

But it might work for a little while. You should be getting as many paychecks as you can get. There’s no reason not to try.

And remember: force them to fire you.

Force them to fire you.

Force them to fire you.