An Actual Cure for Cancer Could be On the Way

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
March 31, 2018

Hopefully, finding a cure for the cellular Jew will help us fight off the humanoid one as well.

Cancer is basically your body’s own cells becoming corrupt, multiplying endlessly while sapping your own resources, and eventually attacking your vital organs until they fail.

This is remarkably similar to the process by which White countries get Jewed, slowly dying from tumors made of brown people who eventually burn the bitch down.

Presumably, scientists have had trouble finding a cure for cancer because of cognitive dissonance. How can social cancer be good, but cellular cancer be bad?

The cancer cells only misbehave because so-called “normal” cells are racist and intolerant.

No wonder we’re not getting anywhere on that front.

But beyond all hope, it seems researchers at Stanford have made a significant breakthrough.


A new startlingly effective injection revitalizes and boosts the body’s own cancer defenses.

“T cells” play a vital role in our immune system. Typically, it is those lymphocytes that recognize and target cancer when it appears in the body. But as a tumor grows, it begins to suppress the function of those cells, rendering the body defenseless against the deadly, creeping mass.

The immunotherapy injection simply reactivates those cells, stimulating them to ignore cancer’s oppression and fight back. Rather than the less effective — and substantially more difficult — process of CAR T-cell therapy, in which cells are removed from the body and then engineered to fight the cancer before being returned, the two agents in the injection combine to do all the necessary work “in-house,” so to speak.

Sounds like this treatment involves getting our T cells woke on the CQ (cancer question), and getting them into a militant and xenophobic mood.

You’re basically red-pilling your own body to fight off cancer – pretty nice!

Stanford University School of Medicine Professor of Oncology Dr. Ronald Levy, the senior author of the Science Translational Medicine study, said that the treatment is “attacking specific targets without having to identify exactly what proteins the T cells are recognizing.” Not only that, but the rejuvenated T-cells are even eliminating metastasized tumors that have spread to other parts of the body.

Once the cells recognize the root of the problem, the solution becomes clear.

No need to destroy healthy cells along with the corrupted ones with treatments like chemo-therapy. That would be like gassing your entire population in order to get rid of commie subversives.

Still, many questions still need to be answered before this potential cancer eradicator changes the world. Northwell Health Cancer Institute’s Regional Director of Breast Surgery, Dr. Alice Police, said that while the promise of the treatment is “exciting,” doctors have “been able to cure a lot of cancers in mice for a long time.”

Unfortunately, those results don’t always translate to humans. “We’ve [gone] one step further down the road,” Police said, “but it’s [still] a long way to go.”

Ahh, of course. One method is good for mice, but that doesn’t mean it’ll work in humans. Just like building walls and deporting brown people is effective for Jews in Israel, but couldn’t possibly work for White countries, right?

But in all seriousness, they’re going to move forward with human clinical trials in a few months, so we’ll have some indications of whether this method works pretty soon.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling the Jew pharmaceutical industry won’t like this kind of treatment, which is sure to cut into their profit. Ideally, they’d prefer a “cure” for cancer that requires people to keep taking pills for the rest of their lives, not a cheap one-time treatment.

So even if this is very effective, they might actually make it illegal somehow. After all, they did this with the fantastically effective stem-cell treatments.

Mel Gibson had to have his father treated in Panama because of these kiked regulations.