Amy Two Names is Officially Confirmed, Abortion Now Illegal, Gays Will be Shot on Sight

Amy Coney Barrett was just confirmed to the Supreme Court.

You know what that means?

It means the government now controls women’s bodies.

The government has said that they are going to start giving women’s bodies to incels, and when the incels impregnate them, it will be illegal to have an abortion. If they have an abortion, they will be executed.

Already in the last hour and a half, many women have died from trying to give themselves illegal abortions using coat hangers.

Many who are still alive are literally shaking.

I’m so sorry for all these slutty women who will be auctioned off to incels by the government to pay the national debt.

It’s really a shame.

Women really enjoy having abortions. For many women, the only joy in their life is when they have an abortion, because it’s the only time they truly feel powerful in a world where women make on average 75 cents for every dollar a man makes. Especially if it is a male baby, the abortion really makes a woman feel that there is justice.

Coney Barrett is taking that away from them.

If she is pro-life, then why is she killing the joy of abortion?