Amy Klobuchar Flees in Terror After Blacks Rush Her Stage

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2020

Hail our people!

Hail the blacks!

Hail victory!


Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar canceled a rally in her home state Sunday after protesters took over the stage shouting for her to drop out of the presidential race over the case of a black teen sentenced to life in prison while Klobuchar was the county’s top prosecutor.

Klobuchar was scheduled to speak at St. Louis Park High School in suburban Minneapolis ahead of Tuesday’s Minnesota primary, which she is fighting to win and notch her first victory. But dozens of protesters entered the gymnasium, raised signs and chanted “black lives matter” and “Myon,” a reference to Myon Burrell, who was convicted of the murder of 11-year-old Tyesha Edwards.

An Associated Press investigation questioned Klobuchar’s handling of the 2002 case, in which Burrell was sent to prison for life following a police investigation some say was flawed. Klobuchar has said if there is new information in the case it should be considered — a response that some activists have said doesn’t go far enough.

Klobuchar has struggled to win support from black voters, a major problem for her campaign as she seeks the Democratic nomination. Her best finish in the first four contests was in New Hampshire, an overwhelmingly white state where she came in third. In both Nevada and South Carolina she trailed far behind the front-runners, failing to win a single delegate.

I don’t know why we’re talking about Klobuchar’s campaign. At this point, the woman should herself be considered a disruptive nuisance more so than these blacks.

This is the way it works, bitch: if you don’t get any traction by South Carolina, you drop out before Super Tuesday so only serious candidates are in the race. Pete Buttigieg knows how this works – and this is a man who thinks his asshole is a sex organ.

I don’t even know how this bitch got so many people in a room.

Here’s a long news report on Myon, released after these people started attacking Klobuchar over his imprisonment. It’s kind of a good video. It shows the cops paying some black guy to say Myon did it.

I guess you can think whatever you want to think about that. I don’t doubt that badge niggers send regular niggers to prison for crimes they didn’t commit. It probably isn’t even on purpose, it’s just that the badge niggers are literally dumber than regular niggers.

Klobuchar herself isn’t dumb, she’s just a callous fiend who would have wanted to be a hero by solving the child murder by throwing some rando in the clink. All of this probably actually means that yes, these blacks actually have a point here.

He was in a gang, he had a gun. I don’t think anyone is shedding any tears over him being in prison. The blacks aren’t shedding any tears over it, they’re just using it as an organizational strategy to get all of their own family members released from prison.

Black Lives Matter ended with Donald Trump. So it is funny to have it coming back to attack Democrats. I don’t really even know what the meaning of that is, other than that they don’t really care about Donald Trump but they hate whites who pander to them.

Or maybe they just love Donald Trump because he gave them such low unemployment?

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