Amsterdam: Lockdown Protest Brings Left and Right Together Against Cops

I already wrote a big thing about the lockdown protests in the UK, and mentioned that there were protests in other European countries.

This is standard Stormer RT filler.


Amsterdam police deployed two water cannons and officers in riot gear to prevent an unpermitted protest against Covid-19 restrictions, ultimately making the crowd leave the area.

The anti-lockdown rally gathered on Saturday in Amsterdam’s Museumplein, a green open space named for the three national museums located in the area. The protest took place without a permit from the municipality, so the police declared Museumplein a security risk area, threatening a possible crackdown on those gathering there. This didn’t stop a large crowd of activists from coming and mingling with ordinary people, who frequently hang out at the museum neighborhood on weekends.

Some of the protesters were dressed in medical garb or military uniforms, though more exotic outfits were also seen.

Many brought colorful umbrellas, which proved to be wise considering that the police used a pair of water cannons to shoot over the protesters, apparently nudging them to leave. The crowd chanted slogans like ‘Love, freedom, no to dictatorship’ and sang ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.

The police came prepared for a possible riot, armed with shields and protective gear, and brought police dogs with them. The situation, however, remained mostly peaceful, and the protesters ultimately left the area and walked away en mass.

The police said they took action after a group of 500 people came together and refused to leave as instructed. The number is the upper limit allowed for mass gatherings in the Netherlands at the moment, provided participants keep at least 1.5 meters from each other.

Despite allegations by the author that this is a filler post, the headline is true: left and right are absolutely coming together against the government and cops.

Watch the videos.

It’s happening.

It makes me very happy and very hopeful. I hate this left-right stuff.

I don’t like hippies and women, but I will say: I am fine with this. Let’s all just come together. Not the immigrants and the gays, but everyone else. Let’s come together.

If a white person is more or less normal, but smokes weed and believes in communism – that’s fine, okay. We can work that out later. Right now, we are being forced into a bizarre and deranged science fiction nightmare scenario, and it is against everyone. The only people who benefit from this are the ruling elite.

The people need to come together, because time is short. We need a global populist movement for FREEDOM.

This is insane!

They’ve never offered any evidence that there even is a pandemic, let alone that these measures solve it!

It’s the flu!