Amidst Incomprehensible Social, Political and Economic Breakdown, Boris Johnson Moves to Save the Whales

You know, I was just sitting around this afternoon thinking to myself “but what about the whales?”

Glad to see that Boris is on it.

The Telegraph:

Boris Johnson has told The Telegraph he will “take a stand” against “cruel” Japanese whale killing after the tragic plight of a minke whale captured the world’s attention.

The young whale was seen struggling for life for 19 days in a net off the coast of Taiji before being drowned by fishermen earlier this week.

Onlookers said the whale took 20 minutes to drown. The creature’s meat has now been sold at local markets.

Mr Johnson suggested he would be raising what happened when world leaders meet for an environment summit at COP26 in Glasgow later this year.

The Prime Minister pointed out that despite Japan’s promise to become carbon neutral by 2025, its actions on nature and biodiversity were lagging behind.

We have to be carbon neutral to save these whales, and also, we might need to drop another bomb on those sneaky Japs.

Gotta save those whales.

Whales first – that’s my motto.