Amidst Coronavirus Economic Collapse, Germany Gives $664 Million to Jew “Holocaust Survivors”

Even if you believe in the idiotic mythology of the Holocaust, “Holocaust survivor” is an idiotic term. You don’t have to have managed to walk backwards out of a gas chamber to maintain the title of “survivor.”

You don’t have to have run from the children’s gas chamber line when the guard wasn’t looking after something told you this was not the place to be.

You don’t have to have been put in a motorcycle sidecar, driven out to the forest and tied to a tree while Nazis jumped around with their pants off.

You don’t have to have been kicked off of the violin team in the orchestra, or kicked off of the football team.

In order to be a “Holocaust survivor,” all you have to have done is:

  1. Be Jewish
  2. Be alive in 1945

Theoretically, you’re also supposed to have been in Europe – not just Germany, but anywhere in Europe. That includes Britain and other countries that the Nazis didn’t successfully invade. But that is far from a hard rule. Many Jews who moved to America in the 1920s say they were “fleeing Nazism,” and thus they are “Holocaust survivors” – despite the fact that they were not in Germany while the Nazis were in power.

This might seem to trivialize an event which Jews want the goyim to believe has a sacred status as the crucial event of history, which defines civilization itself. But it sure is profitable for them.


The German government on Wednesday agreed to pay $664 million in aid to victims of the Holocaust as they deal with the economic hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Claims Conference, an organization that negotiates such payouts from the German government to survivors, said talks will result in “significant” increases in compensation.

About 240,000 survivors of the Holocaust living around the world will receive the payments over the next two years. Most live in Israel, North America, the former Soviet Union and Western Europe.

Every Jew in the former USSR is classified as a Holocaust survivor, just to be clear, despite the fact that the Nazis never made it to Moscow, let alone started masturbating all the Jews to death.

Note that it never bothers to define “Holocaust survivor” in this article or any other article.

The implication here is that Germany is giving money to German Jews who have moved to other places, but Germany has for decades given huge sums of cash to Jews who have never been to Germany or any other country the Nazis occupied.

Again: even if you’re a believer in lampshades and soap and the whole shebang, there is no way to say this isn’t an extortion racket.

“These increased benefits achieved by the hard work of our negotiation’s delegation during these unprecedented times, will help our efforts to ensure dignity and stability in survivors’ final years,” said Gideon Taylor, president of the Claims Conference.

“We must meet the challenges of the increasing needs of survivors as they age, coupled with the new and urgent necessities caused by the global pandemic. It will always remain our moral imperative to keep fighting for every survivor.”

They mean “fight for every Jew.”

That is the new morality: to serve the children of Satan, and the killers of God.

The survivors will each receive a payment of about $1,400 for each of the next two years, with the first slated to go out in December. The funds will help the recipients with the added costs of dealing with the pandemic — purchasing masks and other personal protective equipment, and paying extra fees for deliveries as they stay home.

The Claims Conference said many of the recipients are elderly, in poor health, face emotional trauma and live in poverty.

Yeah, well.

I don’t believe any of them live in poverty, frankly. Many of them live in Beverly Hills.

What a horrible song, by the way. It’s catchy, but it’s encouraging superficial wealth in a manner that’s worse than black rap. Buying a house in that neighborhood is worse than the bleach blonde fake titty bitches in the video. Plus the song is inaccurate in that it says Beverly Hills is old money, which is the opposite of the truth. It’s a place for peasants like Joe Rogan who somehow end up with millions of dollars, and Jews from the ghettoes of Belarus who ran scams after the war. All that having been noted, it is very, very funny to me to think of the Soviets liberating Auschwitz and then this song starts playing in the Jews’ heads.

Yeah, but seriously – every single “survivor” I read about lives in Beverly Hills.

Just type it into a search engine.

It’s known as the “Auschwitz to Beverly Hills Pipeline.”


I just want to give a shoutout to u/grantalx for managing to editorialize the headline on r/worldnews:

Just so you understand, this was the actual headline:

And the UPI article obviously doesn’t say “as Germany is on the brink of economic collapse, they’re still giving hundreds of millions to rich Jews.”

I’ve written recently about the fact that it has been shown that not only are all of the moderators on the big reddit boards Jews, but the people who play the role of curators are too. So it is no joke to get a jab at Jewish elitism in a headline that makes it to the top spot. (Yes, it could be read the other way, that “survivors” need the money because of the pandemic, but read it a bunch of times in a row. It’s clear it means “Jews are sucking blood from a dying country.”)

Also recently found this on the Trump tag on r/worldnews:

Three in a row.

I’m obviously extremely pro-Trump because of all he’s done for America, and his position as the last defender of the West.

But being against Trump because he’s too supportive of Israel is the best possible reason to be against Trump.

If the garbage humans of reddit started really hating Jews, we’d be on a rocket path to glory.


Shoutout to the “Holocaust Lies Exposed” BitChute channel, from whence the clips at the top of this article are from. This guy or guys is doing a fantastic job cataloging all of these clips of Jews saying crazy fake shit. I don’t think that any open-minded person can spend an hour clicking through that channel and then come to the conclusion that this alleged event actually happened.