Amid Speed-Train Rush Toward Nuclear Apocalypse, Leftists Protest Some Other Bullshit

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 15, 2018

This is INSANE.

It would be one thing if leftists were just like “yeah, you know – we don’t really care about protests or have the energy to do them anymore.”

But in the middle of a push for a world war, they protest… some gibberish about global warming or something?

I can’t even.


Another march took place in downtown Washington, D.C. on Saturday – this one featuring anti-faith, pro-climate change, pro-LGBT activists, unions, and other left-wing, anti-Trump groups carrying signs and posters to advance the cause of science.

The second March for Science comes one year after organizers claim one million people attended the first.

“In 2017, more than one million people around the world gathered together in the largest event for science advocacy in history,” the Eventbrite invitation said. “In 2018, we unite again to hold our elected and appointed officials responsible for enacting equitable evidence-based policies that serve all communities and science for the common good.”


“This past year we have seen more threats to science than ever before at all levels of our government,” the invitation said. “The time is now to stand up and show your support for science!”

Some of the sponsors of the March listed with links on its website include Tom Steyer’s NextGen Climate of America, the Nature Conservancy, American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Atheists, American Federation of Teachers, American Humanist Association, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Climate Working Group, Environmental Defense Fund, Friends of the Earth, Hip Hop Caucus, National Center for Transgender Equality, and Spread the Vote.

You youngsters don’t remember, but when Bush was president and he was doing all these kook wars against Moslems over nonsense hoaxes, the left was out there in force protesting.

And Steyer – the KIKE – is the guy calling for Trump to be impeached.

You actually could start up impeachment proceedings over these missiles he launched on a non-hostile country. It is totally illegal, that thing he did.

But Steyer doesn’t even want people to be talking about that. He is basically mocking the goyim, by showing that he has such control over the leftist narrative that he can get these idiots to go out there and jump around about some gibberish no one even understands INSTEAD of protesting an insane war which could and probably will lead to cities getting nuked.

NuLeft is pro-WAR.

Because it brings DEMOCRACY.

The right is also out protesting something else.

Gun rights.

What good are gun rights in a nuclear wasteland?


Anyway but yeah, you won’t need a Second Amendment – in the world that is coming, you just shoot motherfuckers and take their ammo and their stimpacks.