America’s Ethnic Make-Up by County

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 5, 2016

Double exposure:  Bald Eagle in the foreground with the American flag blurred in the background.

Leading ethnic groups by county, from the 2000 census:


The same map from the 2012 census:

County-level map of ethnic/ancestry groups in the United States, 2012

And as a bonus, here’s one from 2010, which includes a couple extra sources aside from the census bureau:

census data ethnicity 2010

They’re all more or less similar.

The reason there isn’t all that much difference is that they are measuring the largest ethnic group, and when you have people coming in from every country in the world at the same time, none of them is going to be dominant over whoever was there first (at least for a long time). On top of this, Illegal Latino immigrants are not included in the census. If they were, the entirety of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California would be majority Mexican.

What matters is this:

tumblr_mri7c3ok7y1rmby1bo map demo (1)

Here’s “racial diversity” from 2010:


We are constantly losing ground.

We are White

I also want to say very clearly here: don’t let anyone jump you with some gibberish about how there is some political relevance to your specific European ancestry. There isn’t.

There may or may not be personal relevance, that’s up to you, but within the political realm of these United States, we are all just White.

Specifically, our culture is Nordic – as you can see from the above maps, Nordic peoples (British, German, Scandinavian) make up the greater part of our ethnic make-up, and that is what determines the nature of the social paradigm. But for the most part, we are mixed – I myself am English, German, Irish, Welsh and Swedish (and I’m very proud of the Irish part, by the way, despite the fact I sometimes make Paddy jokes). And those of different origin – Slavs and Southern Europeans – have adapted to our culture.

We’re all together in this, and we all have a shared identity as Americans (obviously those more recent immigrants have more of a tie to their home countries, but it’s just a matter of fact that will fade over one generation, two generations max; might be their kids lose something, but they gain something as well).

Don’t let anyone Jew you with any sort of “there is no American identity” gobbledygook.

Seriously, if you believe something like that, go to Europe and see if you don’t start understanding the concept of “American identity” real fast. Whatever your specific European heritage, your identity as an American is going to be vastly more influential on who you are than your specific ethnic origins. This is mainly because there isn’t much genetic difference between the different tribes of Europe; their differences have more to do with language and history. And we have our own language and history.

We conquered a continent.

We are Americans.

americaneagle_R 011
americaneagle_R 011