America’s Entry Into WW2 was Driven by Jewish Fake News

Diversity Macht Frei
October 4, 2018

It’s well-known that Britain engaged in a major influencing operation to persuade the United States to enter World War Two on its side. Britain has acknowledged this and even published an official history of the campaign run by William Stephenson, “A Man Called Intrepid”. Jews ran a similar operation but have been more reticent about it.

Throughout the period leading up to Pearl Harbour, America Firsters and even Hitler himself claimed Jews were prodding America into war with Germany.

These claims were dismissed as the paranoid ravings of conspiracy theorists. But we now know the conspiracy theorists were right.

A new book called “Bureau of Spies: The Secret Connections between Espionage and Journalism” provides insight into the propaganda journalism that created a drumbeat for war.

Alongside the British, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency naturally wanted to do its bit for “the cause”. Its name was an obvious problem, tending to impair its credibility, and its traditional focus on Jewish topics was also not helpful. Since the Jews now wanted to extend the range of their propaganda, in 1940 they founded a new agency called the ONA [Overseas News Agency], which often worked in tandem with British intelligence. It was soon churning out anti-Hitler propaganda, much or most of it completely made up: the original Fake News.

From the start, attacking Nazi Germany was a higher priority for ONA than hewing to the truth. Much of its copy was based on sources close to the imagination of its writers and their friends in London. For example, its second bulletin, distributed in August 1940, cited anonymous “qualified Czech” sources reporting that “Czechoslovak girls and young women have been transported from the Protectorate to German garrison towns to become white slaves.” It claimed that “Nazi officials, dispatching these trainloads of prospective white slaves to the Reich, informed husbands and relatives that the women ‘will be entrusted with the important work of amusing German soldiers, in order to keep up the morale of the troops.’”

These and similar stories were soon popping up in American newspapers and even being translated into foreign languages for placement abroad.

The Jew who founded the ONA was called Jacob Landau.

He established links with Jews living throughout Latin America and apparently offered their “services” to both the FBI and the KGB, thus perfectly validating the traditional stereotype of the Jew loyal only to his own tribe’s interests rather than his country of birth or residence.

After the United States entered the war, it became clear what he had been doing when he approached a senior FBI agent, offering to help in the fight against fascism. Landau said he had established “particularly intimate contacts” with Jewish groups and leaders in South America, and noted that there were 600,000 Jews living on the continent who “are anti-Nazi and are vitally interested in the victory of the United Nations.”

In addition to providing information from South America, Landau told the FBI that it could use the ONA “for the gathering of information among the foreign-language groups and the various foreign politicians who have come to our country.”

Landau also discussed his Latin American intelligence organization with Soviet intelligence officers, though the extent of his collaboration with the KGB isn’t clear from the available decrypted cables.

The Jews pumped out absurd propaganda about secret Nazi fifth columns inside America and widespread fascist sympathies in neighbouring lands where, it was claimed, Nazi bases might soon be established.

Frank returned to the theme of tropical fascism in February 1941. Papers around the country ran his stories from Puerto Rico and Haiti which painted a dire and unrealistic picture of Haiti joining the Axis and serving as a jumping off point for Nazi raids on the Panama Canal, Miami, and Puerto Rico. “There is enough Nazi activity in Haiti to create a Caribbean Sudetenland,” Frank claimed. Like his reporting from Martinique, the stories were intended to shake Americans’ sense of comfort and drive them to take the war to Hitler before he brought it to their doorsteps.

A Hitler-Haiti alliance is definitely a hard one to picture. The Jews probably had a good cackle about that.

In the end, of course, the Jews got their war.

As it neared its end, in 1945, Goebbels published an article (“The Creators of the World’s Misfortunes”) that has a curious resonance with the information cited above and the present predicament of western nations, where ethnic European Man faces becoming a minority in a land that was once his.

The Jews have total control of public opinion in enemy countries, and he who has that is also master of all of public life. Only the nations that have to accept such a condition are to be pitied. The Jews mislead them into believing that the German nation is backward. Our alleged backwardness is actually proof of our progress. We have recognized the Jews as a national and international danger, and from this knowledge have drawn compelling conclusions. This German knowledge will become the knowledge of the world at the end of this war. We think it our primary duty to do everything in our power to make that happen.

Humanity would sink into eternal darkness, it would fall into a dull and primitive state, were the Jews to win this war. They are the incarnation of that destructive force that in these terrible years has guided the enemy war leadership in a fight against all that we see as noble, beautiful, and worth keeping.For that reason alone the Jews hate us. They despise our culture and learning, which they perceive as towering over their nomadic worldview. They fear our economic and social standards, which leave no room for their parasitic drives. They are the enemy of our domestic order, which has excluded their anarchistic tendencies. Germany is the first nation in the world that is entirely free of the Jews. That is the prime cause of its political and economic balance. Since their expulsion from the German national body has made it impossible for them to shake this balance from within, they lead the nations they have deceived in battle against us from without. It is fine with them, in fact it is part of their plan, that Europe in the process will lose a large part of its cultural values. The Jews had no part in their creation. They do not understand them. A deep racial instinct tells them that since these heights of human creative activity are forever beyond their reach, they must attack them today with hatred. The day is not distant when the nations of Europe, yes, even those of the whole world, will shout: The Jews are guilty for all our misfortunes! They must be called to account, and soon and thoroughly!