Americans Lining Up for Food Handouts as You Begin to Understand Just How Serious This Situation Is

I hope you’re beginning to realize the gravity of the situation.

I’ve done my best to impart to you just how bad this is, and how much worse it is going to get, but you are ultimately going to see it for yourself either way.

For those of you with eyes to see – look:

These are mostly white people. Middle class white people, judging by their vehicles.

And these proud, hard-working Americans are lining up for food handouts. These are people who have never done something like this in their lives, and held as a significant part of their personal identity that they had never done something like this in their lives.

Just let it start to sink in where exactly this is and where it is clearly going.

Daily Mail:

Hundreds of Americans lined up to access much-needed food handouts in Los Angeles and Prospect, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday.

Masses of cars waited in line for the drive-thru food giveaway in Pico Rivera, California, as volunteers sporting face masks, gloves and high-vis jackets helped dish out supplies.

Over in Prospect, vehicles were seen snaking through the Big Butler Fairgrounds. It comes as millions of people across America lose their jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic and households have been thrown into turmoil.

The City of Angels’ reputation for being one of the wealthiest parts of the US – home to the Hollywood elite – appears to be a distant memory, as residents waited to access food to be able to feed their families.

Photos revealed cars lining up along the edge of deserted basketball courts and an empty football field at the shuttered Ruben Salazar High School.

An aerial photo revealed a community pool – which would usually be packed full of people enjoying the heatwave – lying abandoned and covered over, as people flocked to the area not for a swim but to sit in their cars and line up alongside it to enter the food bank area.

Gallons of milk were passed through car windows, at the event run by the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and the city Tuesday.

One volunteer held up a sign reminding drivers to open their trunks so volunteers could put bags and boxes of food in their cars without people making unnecessary contact with each other.

Households across the nation are struggling to put food on their tables, as businesses have shuttered and unemployment has skyrocketed amid the pandemic.

More than 26.5 million people have filed new claims for unemployment benefits since March 21, which makes up just over 16 percent of America’s workforce, according to the latest Labor Department figures released last week.

The staggering spike in unemployment has wiped out all of the jobs gained during the longest employment boom in American history and has left economists warning the unemployment rate could reach as high as 20 percent for April – the highest rate since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Imagine now that this hasn’t even begun.

We only have a 16% unemployment rate right now, because companies are furloughing employees as they wait for this panic to end. But as soon as these companies open back up, they will find that there are no customers. That is when you will start to see the real costs of this insane lockdown.

You are going to be lucky to only have a 50% unemployment rate. I have used that number, conservatively, but I think the truth is going to be much more dire.

You are going to have tens of millions of homeless. Those who do have homes are unlikely to keep their current homes, and will be forced into state-sponsored facilities.

We are going to be relying on the government to feed us. People can say all they want about the American market system, and the various problems with it, but when you are relying on the government to ensure you have access to food to eat, you’re going to wish you had the American market system.

The government is not competent at doing anything at all, and we have surrendered our ability to feed ourselves to this government.

Everything, in totality, has been surrendered to the government. Right now, we are in a situation where all we are able to do is simply hope that they demonstrate levels of competence that we’ve never seen before from them and manage to provide us with food and shelter.

Believe me, if you manage to achieve food and shelter in the coming months and years, you’re going to be thankful. Everything else you can simply forget about. Forget about work, family, hobbies – all of that is gone now.

Well, you’ll still have your parents and your siblings. But there is a 90% chance your wife is going to leave you. Because the government will offer you a better deal than you can give her. Divorced white women will be first in line for everything, right there next to the immigrants and the sickening Hasidic Jews (probably even before the blacks).

You can look at your wife now, and think she’s good, imagine that she won’t leave you. But you need to realize that if she doesn’t leave you, it will be a fluke.

You have to get ready for this.

I understand it all feels basically normal right now, just weird, and everyone is naturally expecting to wake up and have everything return to the way it was. But this is an illusion.

We are never going back to the way it was. The only place to go now is forward, into the abyss.

God bless you and God bless America.