Americans Absolutely Sick of Breitbart’s Disgusting Jew Shilling

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2019

There was once a time when a Neon-Nazi blogger could mosey on down to Breitbart to get him some good news scrapings.

Those were the days. 

Breitbart has become unreadable though. And it seems that few Americans can stomach the new direction in which they have gone.

The Wrap:

Breitbart News, the once-dominant force in conservative media circles whose former leader Steve Bannon entered Donald Trump’s White House after the election his coverage helped shape, has seen an erosion in its audience as well as its dominance among right-leaning online sites.

Monthly traffic on Breitbart has plummeted nearly 72% from 17.3 million in January 2017, when Trump took office, to 4.9 million in June 2019, according to the data-tracking firm ComScore. And while traffic on most politically oriented news sites has dropped significantly in 2019, the decline has been particularly acute for Breitbart.

As recently as December 2018, when the site had just under 7.2 million monthly unique visitors, Breitbart nabbed a bigger audience than any other conservative website tracked by Howard Polskin’s aggregation site TheRighting aside from the cable-TV-backed behemoth

But by June, the most recent month for which figures are available, Breitbart dropped to sixth — behind such upstarts as the Philip Anschutz-backed Washington Examiner (10.0 million), Washington Times (6.7 million), Glenn Beck’s The Blaze (6.0 million) and the Tucker Carlson-founded Daily Caller (5.0 million). (Fox News, of course, dwarfed them all with 103.2 million visitors.)

Breitbart was “firmly established” as No. 2 to Fox News for a long time, Polskin told TheWrap, but while “they’re still bringing in a lot people, they’re not the force that they used to be.”

And there you have it. The end of an era. The ignominious end of Breitbart is upon us. Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson’s star is rising – so that’s good news.

Tucker does not make a point to put Israel before America, ever, so The Daily Caller is significantly more readable than Breitbart.

But this comes on the heels of the news that Tucker has decided to take a vacation after declaring that White Supremacy is NOT a serious threat that America faces, but a manufactured one. My first thought is that this is a suspension, but it is August, and it’s being reported that the vacation was planned before this incident.

With Tucker Carlson on the air, there really isn’t any need for a Breitbart to be quite honest. If we had Tucker in 2015 and going into 2016, he would have no doubt fulfilled the same role as Breitbart did, and in a far less annoying, Boomer-tier capacity.

To be fair though, Breitbart isn’t really all bad. A quick glance at the headlines reveals that they’re at least covering the important stuff:

And Breitbart might very well experience a surge in popularity when the general elections roll around and people start taking an interest in politics again. Although, they may very well not. People forget the absolutely unique situation that Breitbart was in going into 2016. All of Breitbart’s Jews like Ben Shapiro decided to up and quit in a huff over Steve Bannon’s support for the Trump campaign. That meant that Breitbart was relatively shill-free for a glorious year and a half.

After that, it all quickly went downhill as the shills returned, and the Trump presidency began to crash and burn. As Breitbart began to focus more on Israel First, the President reciprocated, or maybe the causality was the other way around, or maybe the Jews simply regrouped and retook control at right around the same time.

No one can say for sure.

But Donald Trump put them in a tough spot.

They could either mindlessly cheerlead the President or start critiquing him for not delivering on his promises and invoke the ire of the fanatical MAGApede base. Unsurprisingly, Breitbart decided to focus on Trump’s successes on the Israeli front as a kind of sleight of hand.

If we step aside from the Jew thing for just a second, I actually feel bad for Breitbart. Their situation was not actually that unique. Because the fact of the matter is that Trump put his supporters in the alt-media in an untenable situation for the last year.

By literally delivering on absolutely nothing and cucking on absolutely everything, he completely stole the thunder of his media supporters. Everyone had to make a decision between biting their tongues or cautiously raising their concerns.

Some former supporters went on the warpath.

It was not very nice of Trump to force his supporters to choose between his cult of personality and the policies that he promoted when he pledged to MAGA. If you want to figure out why the numbers are down across the board for the alt-media, you can, of course, point to censorship by Big Tech as a major reason. But the undeniable fact of the matter is that Donald Trump fucked every single one of his supporters by cucking on everything that he ever stood for and then by continuing to promote the mainstream media and ignoring his diehard supporters in the alt-media that firmly threw their lot in with him when no one else did.

It’s just a shame. A damn shame. Sometimes I can’t stop but think about what could have been…