American Teens Abducted by Italian Police! When Will Trump Intervene???

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 29, 2019

We all know that the president goes to bat for the citizens of the United States. Even now, he is fighting for A$AP Rocky’s right to beat up Afghan children.

But now, another proud American citizen needs the president’s help!

Gulf News:

Italian newspapers published a photo of a bound and blindfolded American teenager accused of killing an Italian police officer, rocking the murder case and sparking a police probe of their own officers’ actions.

National newspaper Corriere della Sera compared the photo to those of prisoners at the US base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Other papers decried it as a “shock” photo. “Deprived of liberty and before being heard by a judge, he’s turned into a trophy,” a column in La Repubblica said on Sunday.

The police force acted quickly to denounce the photo and announce a probe. “This is an unacceptable episode and should be treated as such,” Carabinieri Commander General Giovanni Nistri told Corriere. The officer who blindfolded the teenager would be transferred from operational duty, Ansa news agency reported.

Well, honestly, it makes no sense that an 18-year-old backpacker would stab a 35-year-old police officer to death… so what is going on here? A normal American would not just pull a switchblade on an Italian. It’s usually the opposite situation.

Oh wait though… there were drugs involved.

The case began the night of July 25, when an apparent dispute over a drug deal led to the theft of a backpack, allegedly by the two American teens, according to police. The owner of the backpack alerted police that the young men wanted €100 ($111, Dh408.5) and a gram of cocaine in exchange for giving back the bag, which also contained a cell phone, police said.

When undercover Carabinieri arrived at the planned hand-off near the Vatican early on Friday morning, a fight broke out in which an officer, Mario Cerciello Rega, 35, was stabbed to death. Police later arrested the teenagers at a nearby hotel, where they said they found a knife hidden above ceiling panels and the clothes worn during the incident.

Following their interrogations, the Carabinieri said Saturday that the men had confessed and were being held for murder and extortion. They were identified as Natale Hjorth and Finnegan Lee Elder, 19. The two were high school classmates in Mill Valley, California, a suburb near San Francisco, the Associated Press reported. While Elder is the one whom police allege committed the stabbing, both he and his alleged accomplice face identical charges at the moment.

Aaaand suddenly the case becomes much clearer.

Two gays from San Francisco showed up in Italy and tried to score some drugs. They end up knifing a plainclothes policeman while high. Very sad, many such cases!

Can you believe that they blindfolded the poor lad?

This is totally and completely against human rights.

Point being, Donald Trump should intervene and save these boys!

Because America needs her coked-up gays, without whom, we would not be the greatest Democracy on earth. Gays are part of what we call “the arse-anal of Democracy,” and we deploy them abroad to other countries to wage guerrilla warfare on their Carabinieri.

Trump won’t be able to secure the coveted homosexual demographic in 2020 if he sits idly by.