American Medical Association Supports Ban on Curing the Mentally Ill (Faggots)

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 21, 2019

So I guess “shock the gay away” is no longer going to be an option, huh?

There was a time when doctors were sworn to help heal people.

But I guess somewhere along the way, they figured out that keeping people sick for a long time is way more profitable.

And some of the most profitable patients for doctors of all types is definitely faggots. They’re riddled with every sort of disease imaginable, and their lifestyle ensures they will continue to get more illnesses on a yearly if not monthly basis.

This is doubly the case for psychologists, for whom trannies and homos form the core of their neurotic clientele.

It’s safe to say that if there was a safe and quick cure for being a deranged butt pervert, it would lose the healthcare industry billions of dollars a year in continuous “treatment” revenue.

So from that perspective alone, nevermind the Jewish corruption, this news isn’t even surprising.


The U.S. physicians’ group the American Medical Association announced on Tuesday it would begin supporting a ban on so-called conversion therapy, as well as working toward more inclusive healthcare record-keeping for transgender patients.

Conversion therapy, now widely discredited, is rooted in the belief that LGBT+ people have a mental illness which can be cured through psychological, spiritual, or in extreme cases physical means.

It is clear to the AMA that the conversion therapy needs to end in the United States given the risk of deliberate harm to LGBTQ people,” said AMA board member William E. Kobler in a statement.

“Conversion therapy has no foundation as scientifically valid medical care,” Kobler said.

Let’s put that into perspective.

“Can’t listen in class? Clearly a mental illness. Needs medication and counseling.”

“Depressed because your boyfriend dumped you? Take these anti-depressants and spend years in therapy.”

“Dress like a clown, pile on plastic surgeries and want to chop off your own dick? No problem there! Oh, but you’ll want to take some hormone blockers, and also anti-depressants because society rejects you, and maybe some therapy since no one wants to touch you with a ten-foot pole, and…”

These doctors are saying this crap with a completely straight face.

Psychiatry and psychology is the snake oil scam of the 21st century.

They say that “conversion therapy” has no scientific basis. Do you think anyone could get a grant to study how to cure homos in the current year? Do you think any pharmaceutical company could do research on a drug to make trannies normal again? Has the “scientific” establishment done anything to try and actually solve this problem?

Of course not.

So naturally, there’s no official “scientific” approval for any method that might exist, because no one in the establishment would ever dare tread on that subject.

Eighteen U.S. states have banned conversion therapy for minors with legislation pending in some 20 others, according to Born Perfect, an advocacy group that is working to ban the practice.

The AMA said it would develop model state legislation and advocate for federal laws banning sexual orientation and gender identity conversion therapy, which a UCLA School of Law study found hundreds of thousands of LGBT+ Americans had undergone.

The AMA said conversion therapy, in which subjects are meant to be changed from homosexual to heterosexual, can trigger depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or suicidal thoughts.

These people are already depressed and suicidal to begin with.

Because they’re insane and lead a completely self-destructive lifestyle.

Exhibit A.

This is like saying that emergency room surgeons kill people because some of their patients don’t make it. If someone is coming in with 10 gunshot wounds to the torso, it wasn’t the doctor that killed him.

Rights groups welcomed the move by the influential medical group, which came after its recent conference in San Diego.

“These new policies from the American Medical Association reaffirm the urgent need to protect LGBTQ youth from this dangerous practice,” said Alphonso David, president of the Human Rights Campaign, a national advocacy group.

“This policy will also be a critical resource for state legislators across the country as they work toward crafting legislation,” he added in an email to the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

The AMA on Tuesday also announced a new policy to make electronic health records more inclusive for transgender people.

The changes would allow transgender people to use their chosen names and also include relevant anatomy pertaining to the patient’s sex in medical documents.

Any pretense that modern medicine is “scientific” is going straight out of the window.

The only part of medicine that’s scientific is the medical research done in universities and bio-engineering labs. But those people aren’t the ones operating hospitals and treating patients.

Surgery isn’t scientific because you can’t apply the scientific method to surgeries. That would imply doing crap like “placebo surgeries,” which is obviously unethical, or practicing techniques on healthy patients, which is straight out of a horror movie.

Pharmacology is theoretically scientific, but in practice those studies are so full of fraud and shoddy methodologies that it’s frankly embarrassing. Most medicines developed today don’t cure anything, and have horrible side effects anyway.

This isn’t to say that modern medicine is without value – that’s obviously not the case. But the great achievements of modern medicine have very little to do with the scientific method, and more to do with individual surgeons coming up with new techniques and concepts through experience.

This is weird as hell, but it’s ultimately just a surgeon getting a creative idea to give someone a new ear. It has nothing to do with the scientific method.

My point here is, these pompous frauds are out there denouncing their rivals as “unscientific” while very little of what they do is scientific either.

And you don’t need 20 peer-reviewed, multi-variable double-blind studies to realize that bug-chasing homos and pre-teen trannies are not psychologically sane, and need treatment.

Or a very long drop from a very tall building.