Conservative American Girl Doll Company Promotes Child Lesbian Global Warming Activism with New Doll

American Girl expensive collectable dolls are an American brand based on a traditional German style of doll.

Women are their entire lives obsessed with children, similarly to the way men are their entire lives interested in weaponry and vehicles.

These dolls come with back stories for the different dolls, and they’ve made movies. It’s designed to allow women to pretend they are doing something their daughters or grandchildren are interested in, when actually children don’t care about the collectability of their dolls, and the mothers aren’t going to let them rough up a $200 doll.

Clearly, the women who collect these dolls are going to be more traditionally minded. Leftist women decorate their decoration rooms with African masks that look like they were made by mentally retarded school children and Kabballah voodoo magic seeing eye bullshit.


One Million Moms, a conservative arm of the American Family Association (a classfied anti-LGBT hate group, per the Southern Poverty Law Center) is petitioning for American Girl to drop its new doll’s lesbian storyline, claiming it’s “irresponsible.”

“Conservative parents are outraged!” reads a petition with more than 28,000 signatures by One Million Moms, which operates to “to stop the exploitation of our children” by the entertainment industry, according to its website. “American Girl released its first doll with an accompanying book that has an LGBTQ storyline. This is unacceptable!”

In December, American Girl (whose parent company is Mattel), released its “2021 Girl of the Year,” a doll named Kira Bailey, who in her book, Kira Down Under, travels from Michigan to Australia to vist an animal sanctuary run by her great-aunts Mamie and Lynette, a same-sex couple. The detail won over American Girl fans who loved the ongoing inclusivity efforts (the company sells racially diverse dolls with varying abilities and progressive storylines) but sparked homophobic comments in online collector groups and Amazon book reviews.

“Why can’t the toy manufacturer let kids be kids instead of glamorizing a sinful lifestyle? American Girl is confusing our innocent children by attempting to normalize same-sex marriage,” reads the petition. “The doll company did not even include a warning so parents would have a heads-up.”

“American Girl could have chosen another storyline or characters to write about and remained neutral in the culture war,” continues the petition, urging parents to censor the content “to avoid a premature conversation” that girls are “far too young to understand.” The petition also asks customers to boycott the brand until it discontinues its plot.

Here’s the new lesbian doll, posted to Instagram with an introduction to her story.

So why is this company attacking its own customers like this?

I don’t know.

Why did BioWare produce Mass Effect: Andromeda?

It’s probably because of some combination of social activists being more powerful than their customers, various forms of Jewish bullying, and a desire to be seen as in line with cultural normalcy.

I should also say that it is a shame that these Christian moms groups are so often filled with people who are elitist and spiteful and vindictive towards people who are on their own side, because that is also helping them lose.

It seems like “don’t actively promote homosexuality to children” shouldn’t really be that hard of a message to sell – or it shouldn’t have been in the 1990s when these women were kicking people out of their groups and refusing to work with people who used profanity or supported violence in video games.

Women are just really always horrible and you never want to entrust them with something you’re not prepared to lose.