American Facing Two Years in Thai Prison for Bad Reviews of Resort

Currently, there is a globalist plot to overthrow the Kingdom of Thailand using fat, ugly women who are angry at men because ain’t nobody wants to tap that.

The issue that the globalists have is not merely that Thailand still has a king and a generally masculine, authoritarian society. They also exist in a totally different reality, which is completely impenetrable to Westerners.

You see stuff like, “white man faces prison for giving negative review on TripAdvisor,” and you’re like, “wow, that’s weird.” But you assume it is some kind of weird legal fluke that he’s been caught up in, and you assume that the Thais themselves must think it is as silly as you think it is.

But no. They do not think that. If you asked a Thai about this situation, they would say, “He no say good them! He say them lie – no good!”

New York Post:

An American man is facing two years behind bars after penning negative online reviews about a Thailand hotel — including accusing the business of “modern-day slavery,” according to reports.

Wesley Barnes, who works in Thailand, was arrested for allegedly causing damage to the reputation of the Sea View Resort on Koh Chang island, the Telegraph reported.

Barnes allegedly wrote reviews on multiple sites in which he claimed that he dealt with “unfriendly staff” who “act like they don’t want anyone here” during a recent visit to the popular resort destination.

At least one TripAdvisor review that accused the hotel of “modern-day slavery” has been removed for violating the site’s guidelines, the report said.

“The Sea View Resort owner filed a complaint that the defendant had posted unfair reviews on his hotel on the TripAdvisor website,” Koh Chang Police Colonel Thanapon Taemsara told the Agence Frances-Presse.

The hotel said it took legal action against the former guest to prevent more reviews from being posted.

“We chose to file a complaint to serve as a deterrent, as we understood he may continue to write negative reviews week after week for the foreseeable future,” the hotel said.

If found guilty, Barnes could face up to two years in prison and a $6,329 (or 200,000 baht) fine, the report said.

He didn’t respond to request for comment, AFP reported.

Thailand is notorious for its anti-defamation laws, which have long been criticized by human rights groups.

In December 2019, a Thai journalist was sentenced to two years in prison for criticizing a chicken farm on Twitter.

The amazing thing is probably that an American living in Thailand would think he could get away with something like this. But you’d be surprised how many Westerners spend significant amounts of time there and never understand it.

That is to say, they don’t understand that they cannot ever understand it. These people like food and sex, like any mammal, and they have decent taste in FPS games – but that is where the similarities between us and them end. Anything that goes beyond that is going in a completely different direction. It is a direction that you will never understand. Literally, there is no point of common connection, beyond food/sex/FPS that you will ever be able to connect with.

If you ever talk to any single hooker, they will all say the same thing: “I get money give my family.”

You might say, “That’s sweet. I can understand that they all love their parents – I also love my parents and want to help them.” But you don’t understand it. From what I am able to grasp of their view on this, they view themselves as satellites of their parents, who are sent out from the womb to gather resources. They view themselves as constantly on this mission, roaming to gather resources and returning them to the mother(ship).

Given that when I was a younger man, Asians had better taste in RTS, I often think of the mother as a Protoss Carrier, releasing these drones and calling them back in.

This view of themselves as extensions of their parents has of course fascinated me, and I believe it fits in directly with their tradition of ancestor worship, which is at the core of their consciousness, even if they now practice one of the three big religions.

It goes without saying that a society that has this kind of sentiment towards their own family develops an extreme race consciousness, that truly is like a kind of hive. People compare Asian behavior to that of insects sometimes, and imply that this is negative. Well, it certainly is not negative in its ability to protect the race, and insulate the culture.

In any Southeast Asian culture, you have a driving race consciousness that beats through everything. You have to be a dumb white guy who is absolutely brainwashed with Jew gibberish not to feel it, and to be in awe of it. You are effectively inside of a beast that could swallow you at any time. I believe the best way to understand living in Asia is that it is like living inside of the Bloom from the game Tides of Numenera.

The globalists understand how foreign Asians are. They understand that Thailand is both very unique and outside of the protection of China, given its status as neutral. So they are moving in.

Whether you think this massive psychological, spiritual and biological gap between whites and Asians is good, bad or neutral, the globalists have an agenda for a unified global culture based on absolute anal and total dominance by women.

I don’t know if this revolution in Thailand is going to succeed. No one seems clear on what the plan is. The middle class is not big enough to have its own revolution without the peasants, and the peasants are never going to denounce the king. Thailand is a free country, but the masses of people will cry for the king like they do for Kim in North Korea. (See above information about the hive mind of the driving race consciousness for further understanding.)

The king died in 2016. He had ruled since 1946, meaning that more or less everyone living had grown up with him as the leader.

The new king is less beloved. He has an entire propaganda machine working 24/7, mostly informing people that he totally, really has sex with women. A lot.

“Nothing to see here, my fellow heterosexuals. Just enjoying the pleasures of vagina, as we heterosexuals love to do.”

So, if I had to guess – and this is something you can write down and see if I’m right – I would guess that this current middle class uprising against the king is destabilizing the society in order to pave the way for something totally different.

(And yes – they may accuse the king of being gay.)

Thais will definitely react a lot more aggressively than the Chinese did to direct attempts by Mike Pompeo to publicly interfere with their affairs. If they were worried about this, they probably would cool it on arresting Americans for kooky reasons for a bit.

I hope that the police stand down and let the mob knock all of the teeth out of these cancerous faggots and fat, ugly women doing their stupid Hunger Games display for the New York Times.

I hope the New York Times journalists get caught up in that.