American F-35B Fighter Jet Shoots Itself

The F-35 is not only the greatest piece of military machinery ever designed, it is the most deadly.

It is so deadly, that it can end up killing itself.

The Byte:

The most expensive weapon ever built, an F-35B fighter jet, accidentally shot itself while flying over Arizona earlier this month.

The jet, which costs around $135.8 million each, had an externally mounted Gatling gun discharge a 25mm armor piercing high explosive incendiary round into itself, causing at least $2.5 million in damage, a military official confirmed to

During a nighttime air support mission, the round exploded shortly after leaving the fighter’s cannon. Both the pilot and the jet landed safely.

“The mishap did not result in any injury to personnel, and an investigation of the incident is currently taking place,” Marine Corps spokesman Andrew Wood told

The incident was labeled Class A, which is the most severe classification, indicating at least $2.5 million of damages or the complete loss of an aircraft.

It’s still unclear what caused the ammunition to be released and discharge. The cannon itself has a capacity of 220 rounds and can fire at up to 3,300 rounds per minute, according to

The US Military may be plagued by black people and women and black, angry, hateful women who want all white men dead and are possibly actively trying to sabotage the country.

However, the one thing that we can always have faith in is the military’s ability to design and build great machines, and remain on budget.

Maybe they went a bit over budget with the F-35.

But we damn hell got a machine worth the cost.

They built a machine so deadly that it attacks itself.

When you climb up aboard that F-35, you not only feel efficiency like nothing anyone ever heard of before – but you feel your life is in danger.

Welcome to the danger zone.