American Endgame Part II: Practical Solutions to Real World Problems

Previously: American Endgame Part I: What Does “America” Mean in 2021? 

Everything that is going on is nonsensical. What I’ve tried to do this Sunday is frame the larger context of the lunacy that we see happening around us at this pivotal moment in American history.

We have no choice now but to redefine our identity from the ground up. That means going back to the very basics: Jesus and family. It also necessitates that we separate from the multicultural sinkhole that is every urban center in the country, and reestablish a collective racial consciousness.

I’ve aggressively demanded for 18 months that you leave the urban centers in order to protect yourself as much as possible from the brutal virus regime, which is now fully melded with an anti-white terrorist witch hunt hoax by the federal authorities. But even aside from all of that, the only future for the American people is outside of these cesspits.

I believed in 2016 that Donald Trump could be a platform to launch a transformation of America back to the way it should be. In fact, I believed that all the way up until he surrendered to the virus hoax. If they wouldn’t have been able to steal the 2020 election, Trump could have held down the fort (he cut total immigration in half during his first term, and was making citizenship harder), and Tucker Carlson could have been elected in 2024. With Tucker, things would get serious. He would have directly addressed the feminism problem and the cellphone problem, he would have crept up on the Jewish problem, and we would actually have had a chance to turn it around.

This path did exist, in theory. But it doesn’t anymore.

People have requested that I stop saying “we lost,” but there is no other term for what has happened. There no longer exists any electoral political path to reclaiming our country. So in the sense of the current political order, we lost. The only thing that can happen now is some type of system collapse.

What that means is that none of these political issues matter anymore. Immigration, for example, is irrelevant now (on some level, it might actually be a good thing, as it will further destabilize and polarize the country). What we have to do is build communities outside of the urban centers that represent old fashioned American values.

We need a religious revival, first and foremost. Jesus and religion itself are going to have to be the guiding light. The word religion means “to bind together.” Religion is the foundation of any society, as it is fundamental to defining the collective identity.

Christianity exists as an order. It can be picked up at any time, and serve as a platform through which to address all of the issues we are facing. Most importantly, we have to solve the issue of women’s liberation, and that can be solved inside of religion. Women do not experience religion in the same way as men, but religion can be used to control the behavior of women. What’s more, if you build a community that is tightly knit and does not tolerate divorce or other destructive female behavior, women who engage in this behavior can be targeted for social ostracization. The threat of becoming a social pariah can be used to control women.

We are likely going to see a large movement of white people from the urban areas soon, and anecdotally, we are already seeing it. This will include women. As the economy collapses, resources will become more scarce, which will also incentivize better female behavior. Women’s liberation is the epitome of decadence, and can only happen in a situation of material abundance.

What I envision coming next is this: a “shock and awe” movement by the feds, which will likely involve mass arrests, raids, concentration camps, torture, and all of that. This will be overlapping with the virus hoax agenda. This will probably not last very long. I don’t know how long, but not very long. These people ruling us are not competent, and they are going to overexert themselves in the first big push, and then the machine will slowly start to lose steam. Once China takes Taiwan, America’s allies will begin to abandon it like rats off a burning ship, and this will seriously hasten the internal decline, due to the fact that America in its current state functions as a parasite on the rest of the world.

When things start to lose steam, the feds are going to focus entirely on the city centers, and really ramp up the control grid as power slips away from them. They simply will not have the resources to go out and police rural areas that refuse to comply.

There is also a very serious possibility that this vaccine is going to prove to be extremely deadly in the long-term. If the people who took it – and are going to continue taking new “boosters” multiple times per year – start dying and developing serious chronic health problems over the next few years, that will be a true blessing from God. We don’t know if the vaccines will actually kill people on a large scale or not, but by my estimation, the overlords don’t know either. This is an experiment.

This vaccine agenda clearly serves some kind of purpose that we don’t fully understand yet. I don’t think they intend to just kill all of their own followers and leave only QAnon people, internet extremists, and hillbillies alive, but whatever they are trying to do is weird, and it could go very badly. It’s clear that they did not expect as many people to die so shortly after taking the vaccine as have already, so it is definitely clear that they do not really understand what they are doing. However, even if all of the vaxxed turn out to be fine, the outlook is much the same.

In the medium term, the feds will burn themselves out, as the chaos they’ve created becomes unmanageable, and the government will be forced to surrender large parts of the country, and slowly retreat to the coasts. During this period, local governments will become the highest authority in the land. Sheriffs will have a lot of power, as will mayors and city councils. White people tend to be good at doing order, so the obvious thing will be to leave existing local governmental structures in place.

In the long term, the country’s borders will be redrawn, as the municipal governments begin working together in a federation.

There will be a lot of violence, of course, and basically a race war. However, as long as people are outside of the cities, it won’t mean much. The brown people are not going to be able to leave the cities and do raids on small towns with any success. The blacks likely won’t even try it. The Mexicans will do better, and much of the Southwest of America will have to be ceded to Mexicans (perhaps to be reclaimed in the future, if necessary).

But if you just look at a map, you will find that every small town in America is capable of being a stronghold. All small town folks are extremely well-armed, and the territory is defensible.

At some point, the Chinese will show up and start throwing money around. This is the main reason it’s been so important to me to try to explain to you what China is and what they are doing – because it very much relates to our future. People accuse me of being some kind of Chinese shill, but all I’m doing is trying to explain the situation.

The Chinese are and always were a merchant people, primarily. If you look at their plan for global domination, it has nothing to do with invading countries or forcing anything on anyone. They want to build roads, rails, and sea routes and sell people things. They want to buy up mineral rights to produce things. They just want to get rich and then smoke cigarettes and talk really loud in public.

China is now de facto the global superpower, and unless you are still caught in the trap outlined in part I of this series as regards the current meaning of “America,” then there is no specific reason this should bother you. Of course it’s sad that the white man will not be the dominant race, and the world leader – but that’s something that people should have thought about sometime around 1946.

What’s more, there is nothing the Chinese are going to do to prevent white men from being the cultural and philosophical elite of the world, when everything shakes out. They have zero interest in building any kind of global culture.

After the fall of the US federal government, as the municipalities which had functioned as mini-kingdoms begin to federate, the Chinese will come in and start building roads, mining, buying products, selling products, and so on.

If you squint, you can see this all coming together and working out fine.

The key here is this: one foot in front of the other.

Get out of the city immediately, get involved with the local community directly – through local government or the church – and start really building strong connections with people. That is the only way any of us survive this.

Understand: we have a future. You, as an individual, may well have a future. If you’re a young man, you might die in your sleep at 90 years old, a great grandfather. Or, you might get tortured to death by homosexuals in a secret political prison.

Not everyone is going to survive, but that is simply the way the universe works.

But the way a functioning living creature works is that he adapts, and does his best to survive.

There is no reason to give up.

From where I’m sitting, everything is on its way to coming up daisies.