American Endgame Part I: What Does “America” Mean in 2021?

People are mad that the Taliban recreated the iconic Iwo Jima flag-raising photo while decked out in American gear.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is impeaching Joe Biden over his decision to surrender in Afghanistan and leave billions in equipment.

Frankly, it is confusing what people are actually mad about.

What was insulted when the Taliban won?

At this point, whether we like it or not, the idea of America which is being spread around the world has no relationship to us as people, or anything we might consider our culture. When the US government invades, bombs, or assassinates a leader of a foreign country, they are not doing that for Jesus, your local high school football team, or apple pie at the county fair.

In a real sense, they are doing it for Hollywood, as that is where all of this scum has oozed out of. You can really just go back and look at the transformation that has taken place, and what was done is that our own culture, which was based on families, communities and Christianity, was just written over by the entertainment media pumping out a totally fake culture.

That new culture is using the American economy and its military as a way to propagate itself in the same way that Christianity used colonialism to propagate itself.

Any right-winger who feels any emotions at all about losing the war in Afghanistan has emotions that are glitching out, somehow associating that war with American culture.

But you’re unmarried, divorced, or an incel, and our military was sent to try to force Afghans to have gay sex and be ruled by women.

At this point, the entire concept of “America” is dead, in terms of a cohesive, well-defined entity. Leftists have been attacking America and saying how much they hate it for decades now. Sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly. And this leftist anti-American sentiment was attacked by right-wingers because “people died for that flag.”

This summarizes that sentiment:

But at this point, leftists have ripped the whole thing down completely, and the only thing that is left of America is a bunch of stuff that no one would ever want to die or have their limbs blown off for.

Do you want to die for gay sex in Afghanistan? Do you want to die for gay sex in Taiwan?

There was an illusion after 911 that we were invading all of these Islamic countries in the name of something legitimately American. It was very stupid, this idea that “they hate us for our freedom.” It was actual lunacy that the government claimed that the hajis were going to ride camels across the ocean and take our freedoms away with Sharia Law. Condo-Leaser Cornbread said that Saddam Hussein was going to nuke us.

There was a wave of real patriotism. The basis of it was moronic, but it was real in people’s hearts and minds. George W. Bush had a 90-something approval rating at the time.

But that is totally gone now, and it can’t ever come back. The Jews who started these wars switched up the mission pretty early on. It went from stopping an invasion by Moslems (or at least taking revenge on Moslems by slaughtering them) to protect our own freedom to giving them freedom. Really, by the time Iraq started in 2003, they were already talking about how they were going to bring democracy to the savages.

The term “democracy” is of course vague; most people think that it means “voting,” but it really didn’t matter what it meant. Starting a war for the purpose of changing the culture of Moslem nations was completely deranged behavior.

These Jewish wars did a lot to destroy the concept of America as a good or moral force in the universe, which I think in turn affected the culture. Again: George Bush had nigh unanimous support after 911 because people thought that the Moslems were evil and we were a force for good. Once that perception of ourselves as a force for good in the universe changed, when people saw how pointless and ridiculous and actually evil these wars were, that then did something to the culture.

I think for millennials, we all kind of came into adulthood in this period where the self-image of America was shifting from America as good to America as confused or possibly evil. The Antifa that go out and burn the American flag (insofar as they are anything other than an intelligence operation or a bunch of Jews) are a product of the fact that a generation that was in the process of figuring out an identity saw this rapid transformation of the American self-image.

You add another layer of confusion on when you realize that to the rest of the world, the American flag is now synonymous with the anal rainbow flag.

I think it’s fair to say that when the American embassy in Moscow started flying the anal flag right next to the American flag, this entire era was defined.

Of course, almost all of the American embassies fly the anal flag. (The one in Afghanistan did.)

Many of them now also fly the Black Lives Matter flag.

But Russia has been the big bad enemy, and this was illustrative of why they are the enemy.

Remember when the homosexual and Antifa rioters in Hong Kong were flying the American flag?

This meant a few things:

  • It was a way to stir up American sentiment in support of overthrowing the government of China, because Chinese people were fighting for our country against their government.
  • It was a way to humiliate China, by just rubbing their faces in the fact that the US State Department is willing to start a violent uprising in their country without any clear purpose and that the high social trust in China (unwillingness to use serious force) meant that there was not really any way for them to deal with it.
  • But mostly, they flew the flag because it represented their values: gay sex, feminism, pornography, and other cultural norms of the Jews.

Now consider: what would you think if you saw American rioters carrying a Russian flag? If you knew nothing about them, but knew they were Americans, and they were rioting and fighting the cops in a major American city, what would you think they stood for?

Without even thinking about it, you would assume these people stood for:

  • European racial identity
  • Patriarchy
  • Heterosexuality
  • Christianity
  • Western civilization

Whether Russia actually embodies these values or not, Americans view Russia as a symbol of those things.

Compare this to if rioters were flying the Chinese flag – no one would have any idea what they were fighting for. China is now simply a nebulous “bad guy.” Russia, on the other hand, has been clearly defined by the media as being bad because they currently represent what America represented up until the mid-2000s (probably excluding the traditional American notions of personal liberty).

The Taliban recreating the scene from the Iwo Jima photo is a troll. It’s effectively a Fortnite dance. It’s presumably aimed primarily at other Moslem countries, actually – they are making a flagrant public spectacle of mocking America in order to inspire good will amongst other people who hate America. Frankly, the Taliban’s public image campaign is at least as impressive as their stunning military victory.

But the reality is that there is something meaningful there: The Taliban, right now, is fully embodying the value system of the Pashtun people, in the same way that in 1945, the American military and government embodied the value system of the American people.

Certainly, in hindsight we can see that the Second World War was not good for this country. It was in fact the beginning of the end. However, at that time in the 1940s, our symbols were sound. As far as people were aware, the military and government represented the people, and we had just done a great and heroic act by ending the most deadly war in human history.

Everyone was certain that we were the good guys.

Seventy-six years later, no one believes we are the good guys. But there is a lot of uncertainty and confusion, as we are still reeling from this transformation.

In fact, the left has completely won, and to the world, the American flag represents militant homosexuality and feminism, if not just outright Judaism. However, the left does not appear to be aware of this, and is actually totally disconnected from reality. Because the left thrives on framing itself as fighters against a dominant power structure, they have managed to convince themselves that even while they hold total power, they are actually rebels.

I read an interesting book recently called “BreadTube Serves Imperialism: Examining The New Brand of Internet Pseudo-Socialism” by Caleb Maupin. It is a critique of the current standard-bearers of millennial leftism on YouTube from a socialist of the Glenn Greenwald or Jimmy Dore sort. I didn’t really understand this before reading the book, but people like Vaush claim that there is a secret Nazi conspiracy that controls the US government. The more mainline leftists also believe in something like this. The entire concept of “systemic racism” is a conspiracy theory. They are not able to explain what it means. They try to keep it vague, but there is no way to avoid the implication that there is some kind of hidden cabal of racist white men sending cops out to oppress and murder brown people. Leftism is purely feminine, and therefore they do not require facts to back up their assertions.

To bring it all back home here: much of the right is equally deluded about the reality of the situation. Apparently, when people like Sean Hannity look at the surrender in Afghanistan, they see the values that they represent having been defeated, because they haven’t caught up with the fact that the American flag is now synonymous with the anal flag.

This then becomes even more muddled due to the way conservative polemics function, and they kind of get to the point where they seem to partially believe that traditional America actually is gay and feminist. I don’t think they actually do believe that, but it all gets garbled up. As I documented with the example of The Gateway Pundit recently, conservatives are screeching loudly about the supposed “abuse of women” in Afghanistan.

You’ll also remember that neoconservative YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson, who is effectively the right-wing version of Vaush, was aggressively shilling the CIA-backed Antifa uprising in Hong Kong, and actually went there to help them burn down shopping centers or whatever.

After I’d written an endless series of articles explaining that these Hong Kong rioters were no different than Antifa, he produced a video entitled “The Truth About the Hong Kong Protests” where he tried to explain the difference between American and Hong Kong Antifa. He didn’t address the fact that the protests were literally being organized by Jews at the US Embassy, but noted that the Hong Kong Antifa fly the American flag. That is basically the final image that summarizes everything I’m trying to communicate here: he directly exploited the confusion regarding the current meaning of the flag in order to hype up his conservative audience to support a war against the Chinese.

To add further clarity: Patriot Prayer leader and FBI informant Joey Gibson also flew to Hong Kong, apparently on behalf of the State Department, and was run out of the protest by homosexuals who called him a “fascist.”

To summarize: the right is defending current year Americanism because they believe traditional America still exists, while the left is attacking current year Americanism because they believe traditional America still exists.

In fact, “traditional America” is simply a spook.

The Jews win on both sides, as the right defends their program without knowing it, while the left defends their program on purpose and attacks the right for not supporting it hard enough.