American Billionaire Wealth has Already Climbed 15% During Lockdown Misery

During Andrew Anglin’s debate with Greg Johnson on the coronavirus, Johnson argued that the ruling class would not want the country locked down because they lose money when people aren’t working. We have also witnessed the strange persons of the Alt-Right claim that all the ruling class cares about is making money, so their prime directive is to keep people working and buying things. That was in fact the entire basis for the assertion, made by many people, that this virus, lockdown and collapse plan couldn’t have been done on purpose.

The basic premise that the only thing the ruling elite class cares about is money is very shallow, and something that a high schooler who just skimmed through Howard Zinn for the first time would say. We have found that the Jews that dominate our ruling class are in fact satanic, and have a weird satanic agenda. Moreover, it is simply obvious that during an economic collapse, the wealthy are able to buy up property and consolidate monopolies by destroying smaller businesses.

And, as it turns out, chaos and misery are really good for business.

They’re still calling this capitalism, but this shutdown of small businesses and evictions actually seems a lot to me like a Bolshevik-style seizure of the means of production.

Bill Gates is the public face of this lockdown and collapse agenda. His wife is now flaunting Satanic bling on the BBC.

I suppose that we could tentatively call this new system “Luciferian Bolshevism.”

All hail our new Leaders?

Or are we meant to call them gods?


Over the last two months unemployment in the United States has risen to levels not seen since the Great Depression. However, US billionaires got even richer during the same period of coronavirus pandemic.

A new report by Americans for Tax Fairness (ATF) and the Institute for Policy Studies showed their fortunes soared by $434 billion or 15 percent during the nation’s lockdown between mid-March and mid-May. The billionaires’ combined net worth rose from $2.948 trillion to $3.382 trillion.

The top five US billionaires—Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett and Larry Ellison—saw their wealth grow by a total of $75.5 billion, or 19 percent. Together they captured 21 percent of the total wealth growth of all 600-plus billionaires in the last two months.

The fortunes of Amazon’s Bezos and Facebook’s Zuckerberg together grew by nearly $60 billion, or 14 percent of the $434 billion total. In March there were 614 billionaires on the Forbes list, and 630 two months later, including newcomer Kanye West at $1.3 billion.

Tesla’s Elon Musk had among the largest percentage gain of billionaires during the two months, seeing his net worth jump by 48 percent in the period to $36 billion.

The report noted that during that same approximate period, more than 38 million working Americans lost their jobs, nearly 1.5 million Americans got infected with the virus and more than 90,000 died.

“The pandemic has revealed the deadly consequences of America’s yawning wealth gap, and billionaires are the glaring symbol of that economic inequality,” said ATF’s executive director Frank Clemente.

According to him, Jeff Bezos’ wealth growth by $35 billion was almost the same sum that the CARES Act is spending on education programs. Mark Zuckerberg’s $25 billion growth – the same amount the CARES Act is spending on improved SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or ‘food stamps’) food benefits.

“The ‘Millionaires Giveaway’ should be immediately repealed and the $250 billion raised used to rescue struggling families and communities,” Clemente said.

From what I understand, the original Bolshevik system gave rise to a large, highly organized and efficient black market in basic necessities, which fully integrated into a famously corrupt caste of low-level enforcers who depended on bribes for their own basic needs.

If you are still waiting for your job to come back, you might want to start thinking about one of those two career paths – informal transactions or government work.

Whatever you do, don’t fall into despair. Just update your expectations and reorganize your activity. Enjoy nature and loving human relationships, and start networking with trustworthy people to continue economic and social activities in a clandestine way.

Life is beautiful, and no one can take that away from you.

The Russians lived through something like this – and so can you.