America: Somalian Women Fight Over a Vacuum Cleaner While Black Guy Laughs!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2019

Watch this video. It will bring you joy.

It shows two Somalian women fighting over a vacuum cleaner at a Walmart.

It isn’t clear where it even is.

That poor boomer trying to control them though.

I guess maybe the Jews were right about multiculturalism.

This video brought me the greatest joy.

The Somalian rat people acting like weasels fighting over a piece of garbage, the black guy narrating and cheering them on, the boomers trying to control the animals.

It is perfect.

Here’s another multicultural strength-fest at some Walmart, with people scurrying for discount towels.

This is the new America.

Maybe if we just look at life as a big joke, we’ll all feel better about all of this.