America Needs Racial Separation to Prevent White Supremacist Terrorists From Killing More Minorities

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
August 5, 2019

According to people on Twitter, there are potentially millions of White supremacist terrorists in America who are preparing to kill racial minorities in the name of their hateful ideological views. You can learn more about this phenomenon by watching the 1998 documentary film American History X.

I was scanning through Twitter today and learned that the United States of America has a serious problem with White supremacist terrorists when the hashtag #WhiteSupremacistTerrorism trended. I also learned that this phenomenon of White supremacist terrorism is the fault of Donald Trump and his White supremacist supporters.

I learned these facts by reading tweets posted by individuals with blue check marks next to their name. When Twitter puts a blue check mark next to someone’s name, it automatically means that they are a serious person and that they speak serious truths. After all, a reputable Silicon Valley technology company like Twitter would never lend credibility to people who lie and make up shit.

Just look at these tweets from these highly credible individuals. White supremacist terrorism in America is a serious problem.

So now that we agree that there is a problem with White supremacist terrorism, it is time to find a practical solution to the problem.

Some have proposed implementing strict gun control laws. The problem with these gun control proposals is that there are close to 400 million firearms in the country. It would be impossible to confiscate all of them. And besides, if you ban guns, law abiding citizens would be left defenseless at the hands of White supremacist terrorists. Do you honestly believe White supremacist terrorists who are committed to slaughtering racial minorities are going to give a shit about breaking gun laws to achieve their goals?

The only real solution to this problem of White supremacist terrorism is racial separation. Racial minorities in America are currently at risk of being killed by White supremacist terrorists. So in order to keep them safe, we need to separate them from White people. After all, every White person is a potential White supremacist terrorist. So by keeping them away from White people, we can be assured that racial minorities will not become victims of White supremacist terrorism.

I believe this is a practical and common sense proposal. At this moment, we have no idea how many White supremacist terrorists are preparing to slaughter racial minorities because of the hate that is in their hearts.

So how many more innocent brown and black people are we going to let die until real action is taken? We need racial separation and we need it now. The time for talk is over. Enough is enough.