America: Kim Jong-Un has a Better Approval Rating Than Nancy Pelosi

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 18, 2018

Kim and his best friend

Nancy and her best friend

Seriously, what person would prefer Nancy Pelosi to anyone? Let alone prefer her to someone who is an AWESOME SUPER FRIEND of Donald Trump such as Kim Jong-Un?

The shock of this poll is that there are people who say they like Pelosi better.

Daily Beast:

Self-identified Republicans now have a marginally more favorable view of Kim Jong Un than they do for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), according to a new Ipsos poll done exclusively for The Daily Beast.

The poll of roughly 1,000 adults aged 18 and over was conducted June 14-15, shortly after President Trump’s historic summit with the North Korea dictator. According to the results, 19 percent of Republicans indicated they had a favorable view of Kim with 68 percent saying they had an unfavorable view (12 percent of voters overall had a favorable view of Kim, compared to 75 percent who viewed him unfavorably). That compared slightly better than the perception of Pelosi, who had a 17 percent favorable, 72 percent unfavorable rating among self-identified Republicans.

Pelosi, nevertheless, was only the second-most disliked figure on Capitol Hill. Her overall 29 percent favorable, 47 percent unfavorable rating was slightly better than the numbers for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). McConnell had an overall favorability rating of 20 percent with 43 percent viewing him unfavorable. (Self-identified Democrats, for what it’s worth, had a significantly more favorable opinion of McConnell than of Kim Jong Un.)

The numbers reinforce that being in the middle of the political fray, and for such a long period of time, is highly damaging for one’s overall perception.

That’s a legit good point.

Everyone hates the middle.

I hate Mitch McConnell almost as much as I hate Pelosi. I hate John McCain the most.

Anyway tho – why would anyone have a problem with Kim?

Just the atrocity hoax shit that he tortures all these people in camps or whatever?

How does anyone keep believing this atrocity propaganda?

I guess you expect the goodest goys to believe it, but anyone with clear, adult thinking that hears about “oh yeah, they’re just putting people in camps and killing them for no reason and stuff, like you know, like Hitler.” It just is so cartoony.

Trump and Kim are good friends now, so Trump can vouch that Kim is cool and a chilled out dude.

Also, Dennis Rodman already vouched for that.