America is the World’s Worst Shithole Country

You should watch some of the videos on YouTube showing what life is like now in various American cities. It’s really much worse than anything that has ever happened in the entire history of the world.

It’s definitely much worse than anything that is going on in the third world.

Here’s a recent drive through Philadelphia.

It’s a rough scene. Worse than anything we saw in San Francisco, pre-covid.

CharlieBo313 is a black guy on YouTube who goes through various black hoods and projects across the country and talks to people.

Here’s a video compilation of all the blacks that pulled out guns on camera when he was in Chicago.

That one is just short. You watch that video and you get nervous, like them niggas about to jump out the screen at you.

That is some straight up hardcore jungle stuff right there.

Not one of them was worried about being on video, and if you watch these videos, you’ll see a bunch of them shouting out their links.

This is utter and complete lawlessness, right in the middle of all of our cities, and the media just isn’t talking about any of it.

Here’s a hood in Birmingham, Alabama. Short video. They’re all shouting out their Facebooks and Instagrams.

Just watch these blacks. These blacks are hardcore.

Now, imagine that they were unleashed from these areas onto white people. 

Just this week, CharlieBo went to Ohio and posted a video from Toledo. I’m excited to see his videos in Columbus hoods, and maybe I can show some people from where I’m from what is about to be unleashed on them.

This is literally a situation like in The Lord of the Rings, where Sauron gathers his hordes in Mordor and prepares to unleash them. They have taken any restraints off of these blacks, and now they’re pumping them up. Enough of these blacks just want to loot and burn and kill and rape that if they get unleashed on white people, there is going to be no ability to contain the mayhem.

(Of course, the military will probably come in and contain it, then you’ll end up permanently occupied by the military.)

Obviously, it’s easy to say something like “Iraq is safer than Chicago,” or some other slogan. But I think people don’t understand really just how bad these American cities are getting, primarily because it isn’t really on the media.

The media sometimes gives statistics about shootings or violent crimes, but they very rarely show the actual footage. This stuff is just unbelievable. Truly.

The really unbelievable part is that most of this has developed since the beginning of the coronavirus hoax. Before that, it was mostly isolated to violent areas of Chicago, or drug-riddled areas of California. But with the virus hoax taking over the economy and putting many people on drugs, and the cops pulling out of black neighborhoods as a result of BLM, it’s now just completely outrageous all across the country.

No serious country would allow this to happen, and no other country on earth allows this to happen. You can think of third world countries as being poor and dangerous, but the reality is, if you went there, you would mostly feel safe, and you absolutely would not see scenes of drug addicts shooting up and walking around naked on main throughways.

If a third world country had a scene of these blacks with their guns out like this, they would have them isolated by cops, to ensure the safety of the rest of the population.

The United States has already descended into hell, and they are hiding this fact from normal, middle class people by pumping them with fear about leaving their homes, restricting their movement, and refusing to show what is happening on TV.

You literally have no idea how bad things really are.