America had to Strip Freedom from Its Own Population So It Could Export It to Belarus

With fewer than three months before the election, with a brutal lockdown hoax and outrageous violence on our streets, the Trump Administration proudly announced this week that we’re going to run a proxy war against Russia in the form of revolutionary violence against the nation of Belarus. We’re going to do that because of freedom.

In this home stretch before the election, we’re also heating up multiple revolutions against the Chinese for whichever reason. Because of freedom or democracy or something. Human rights, maybe.

But never you mind that.

The important thing is that the Jews are now at peace with the United Arab Emirates. This is key to the prosperity of America, somehow.

New York Times:

President Trump announced on Thursday that Israel will establish “full normalization of relations” with the United Arab Emirates and forgo for now plans to annex occupied West Bank territory in order to focus on improving its ties with the rest of the Arab world.

In a surprise statement issued by the White House, Mr. Trump said that Israel and the U.A.E. will sign a string of bilateral agreements on investment, tourism, security, technology, energy and other areas while moving to allow direct flights between their countries and set up reciprocal embassies in each other’s nation.

“As a result of this diplomatic breakthrough and at the request of President Trump with the support of the United Arab Emirates, Israel will suspend declaring sovereignty over areas outlined in the President’s Vision for Peace and focus its efforts now on expanding ties with other countries in the Arab and Muslim world,” according to a statement released by the White House and described as a joint declaration of Israel, the U.A.E. and the United States.

Mr. Trump summoned reporters to the Oval Office and said that he had spoken with leaders of the two countries. “Things are happening that I can’t talk about” but they are amazing, he told the reporters.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel reposted a tweet from Mr. Trump announcing the agreement and added, in Hebrew: “A historic day.”

In a statement of his own, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo compared the agreement to the peace treaties Israel forged decades ago with Egypt and Jordan. “Today’s normalization agreement between Israel and the Emirates holds similar potential and the promise for a better day for the entire region,” he said.

This is a key phase of creating a one world government controlled by Jews with their base of global operations in Israel. It is very necessary that the Jews and the Moslems come to terms with one another.

It is also of course necessary that China and Russia be destroyed and turned into democracies run by Jewish media tycoons. China and Russia are nationalistic holdouts against globalism, so we have to get them up to speed if we want to establish a world government.

That is of course not the reason we are doing these things. No, no.

Our reasons are much more obvious and legitimate. Less cryptic, bizarre and satanic.

We are doing these things because the American people love freedom, and we want the whole world to be flooded with freedom.

America is so dedicated to exporting freedom that we sacrificed our own freedom so we would have extra freedom to give to China and Belarus.

When the leaders of America saw how little freedom the Chinese and Belarusians had, they said, “we’re going to have to take away some freedom from Americans, who have so damn much of it, so we can send it over to China and Belarus.”

Thus, you now have laws forcing you to wear masks and banning you from going to church, going to work, or having a party at your house. You are also being constantly tracked by a high-tech monitoring system. Taking away these freedoms from Americans is the only way we could store up enough excess freedom that we could send it on over to Belarus, where the election was illegitimate.