America Facing Another Opioid Epidemic with Carfentanil

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 20, 2018

The first opioid epidemic never ended, so this is just making the situation worse.

Carfentanil is basically just super heroin, it’s 5000x stronger than normal heroin. A ridiculously low amount (something like 0.2 MG) is enough to kill people, so the solution needs to be heavily diluted (usually with normal heroin).

Canada has had this problem for awhile, the gooks have been sending it over. I assume it’s as some kind of payback for the Opium War, or they just realized it was a winning strategy and adopted it.

America will see a lot more overdose deaths as a result of this if what’s happened in Canada is any indicator.

We need full Duterteism to fix this problem.