Ambulance Workers Make “Coffin Dance” TikTok Video

This pandemic is so real that nurses, doctors, and even ambulance workers cannot stop making dancing videos for social media while they’re supposed to be working.

Experts suggest that making dancing videos in the workplace is the most efficient way to transmit a clear message to the people: coronavirus is serious business.

Unfortunately for health care workers, people aren’t too happy to see them goofing around anymore.


A group of ambulance workers seen performing a “coffin dance” in a TikTok video have been accused of making light of the coronavirus crisis.

The clip, showing four men dancing with a CPR dummy “patient”, was viewed about 40,000 times before it was deleted.

It drew criticism from some, who said the stunt was “unprofessional” and disrespectful to bereaved families.

North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) said the film was “inappropriate” and apologised for any distress caused.

The video was widely shared after it was reportedly uploaded on Tuesday.

Users on Twitter said the men had acted unprofessionally and brought the service into disrepute.

One accused them of “mocking people with Covid-19” while families were being “ripped apart” by the disease.

“How these staff could even begin to think this was professionally and morally and ethically ok is beyond me,” wrote another.

A few defended the group, and said they had not intended to cause offence and were “blowing off steam”.

Yeah so they’re stressed out from piling up the bodies of the millions who are dying from the doom virus, and to “blow off steam,” they do a coffin dance, mocking the deaths of those they tossed into a mass grave. Makes sense.

However, some people say it doesn’t make sense.

People are angry because these health care workers are not taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

What does that say about the pandemic?

The ones who are supposed to be at the front lines, exhausted after fighting this deadly virus, are not taking it seriously.

Why should anyone else take it seriously?

Health care workers are not taking this seriously because the coronavirus pandemic is not serious.

Coronavirus is as dangerous as the flu.

But authorities cannot let people realize that, and are disavowing dancing videos.

But it is too late. We’ve all watched the videos.

We know that health care workers are getting paid for dancing, while the rest of the population is denied the right to work.