Amazon to Start Using Robots for Boxing Orders

Daily Stormer
May 15, 2019

Nobody could’ve predicted that jobs so simple a trained chimpanzee could do them would be automated very soon.

That’s probably why the (((people in charge))) imported tens of millions of creatures that are more or less chimpanzees, except a little dumber.

We can stop doing that now, right?


Reuters: Inc is rolling out machines to automate a job held by thousands of its workers: boxing up customer orders.

The company started adding technology to a handful of warehouses in recent years, which scans goods coming down a conveyor belt and envelops them seconds later in boxes custom-built for each item, two people who worked on the project told Reuters.

Amazon has considered installing two machines at dozens more warehouses, removing at least 24 roles at each one, these people said. These facilities typically employ more than 2,000 people.

That would amount to more than 1,300 cuts across 55 U.S. fulfillment centers for standard-sized inventory. Amazon would expect to recover the costs in under two years, at $1 million per machine plus operational expenses, they said.

Amazon is famous for its drive to automate as many parts of its business as possible, whether pricing goods or transporting items in its warehouses. But the company is in a precarious position as it considers replacing jobs that have won it subsidies and public goodwill.

Probably the main reason they want to automate as many jobs as possible is, ironically, flooding the country with all the monkeypeople for foreign labor.

All these burger-flipping jobs that teenagers used to do in their spare time for some beer money are serious career choices for niggers and mestizos and all these other vermin, and they demand “living wages” because, to them, this actually is hard, complicated labor.

This Azteco isn’t worried about automation because he thinks you’d rather deal with him than with a machine. He’s also in college, majoring in political science.

The majority of White people oppose minimum wage, while the (vast) majority of these semi-humans support it.

I’d like to say that their own actions are coming back to bite these corporations, but realistically that’s not the case.

All these rich people are gonna keep making money, while you’ll be stuck with the vermin they and the kikes flooded your country with, who’ll now have less money and more spare time on their hands.

A reminder to any rich people reading this: if, after Nationalists take over, you can’t produce evidence that you’ve supported us in a reasonably meaningful way before, your entire family is getting the rope (the same one, we’ll have to reuse if we’re short on cash).

So start donating.

“We are piloting this new technology with the goal of increasing safety, speeding up delivery times and adding efficiency across our network,” an Amazon spokeswoman said in a statement. “We expect the efficiency savings will be re-invested in new services for customers, where new jobs will continue to be created.”

I keep hearing this – that automation is gonna create more jobs, which I always thought was idiotic.

What are these new jobs that are supposed to be created?

Maybe I’m just not very imaginative, but outside of repairing robots, I can’t think of any – and how many people will you need to do that?

And the robots will eventually start being capable of repairing themselves/each other. What then?

The new machines, known as the CartonWrap from Italian firm CMC Srl, pack much faster than humans. They crank out 600 to 700 boxes per hour, or four to five times the rate of a human packer, the sources said. The machines require one person to load customer orders, another to stock cardboard and glue and a technician to fix jams on occasion.

Though Amazon has announced it intends to speed up shipping across its Prime loyalty program, this latest round of automation is not focused on speed. “It’s truly about efficiency and savings,” one of the people said.

Including other machines known as the “SmartPac,” which the company rolled out recently to mail items in patented envelopes, Amazon’s technology suite will be able to automate a majority of its human packers. Five rows of workers at a facility can turn into two, supplemented by two CMC machines and one SmartPac, the person said.

You can’t be a better machine than an actual machine.

I don’t know how this automation thing is gonna work out eventually – but I do know that every problem society has is made thousands of times worse by having Jews and all the genetic refuse they brought from all over the world into our countries.

There is no longer even a vaguely believable argument for “needing” these creatures in our countries, and they have to go, permanently, along with the kike rats who brought them here in the first place.