Amazon Stops Selling Tied-Up Sex Dolls After Women’s Outrage

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 3, 2019

You know cultural appropriation is a thing, right? You can’t just do something that is culturally black without asking for their permission because that would be cultural appropriation and as the word “appropriation” suggests; literally colonialism.

The same thing happens with the female body. Not the actual female body, mind you, but the shape of it. The form. The idea.

You can’t just build some plastic thing resembling a woman without asking women about it first, and women have made very clear that they’re not giving men permission to obtain women-shaped pieces of plastic.

The female body and all representations and manifestations of it are the community property of the wombman species.


A ‘nauseating sex doll’ of a young woman bound and gagged has been pulled from Amazon’s website amid outrage from customers.

The online shopping giant has been forced to remove the doll, priced at £61, from the site, following a complaint from a London woman who claimed it was being sold for ‘male sexual abuse’.

The doll was described as ‘safe and easy to clean’ and customers were advised not to ‘worry about twisting or tearing’ as it can ‘withstand 380 pounds of pressure’.

It was also described as ‘very flexible’, with a ‘variety of movements or postures that subtly match all your interests’.

The complainer from London, who wished to remain anonymous, told Amazon on social media they were selling ‘a sex doll of a child, tied at her ankles, wrists, chest and gagged’.

A child, depicted as helpless and terrified in a corner. Sold for male sexual (ab)use,’ she said.

Look, lady. That’s not a child, okay? That’s an Oriental woman.

Oriental women are known to age significantly better than current Western white women.

See below.

The woman pictured above is Lure Hsu and she was 43 at the time those pictures were taken. That was just one example, there are more.

It’s not the fault of men that time is kinder to slant-eyed women.

She continued: ‘The doll is fitted with fully usable, realistic hairless sex organs and the company is proud that it can withstand the weight of men weighing up to 380 lbs.

I am shocked to my core that Amazon is selling this. No “report” button, either!It pains me so much that we, as a society, are allowing this sort of thing to be sold at all.

It appals me even more that they are sold so openly on a popular, family-friendly site such as Amazon, because that normalises the mentality that demands, creates, sells and buys such utterly nauseating products.’

One social media user wrote: ‘That is disgusting. I can understand sex dolls, but tied up like that resembling an underage girl. Wow. I’m lost for words.’

Another commented: ‘If you search Amazon for ‘adult dolls for men’ you will find 3000 gross items.

I’m calling and complaining daily. The complaint can be expedited to manager by request. Everyone take a few minutes to let Amazon know why this is wrong.’

Women want to control men’s sexuality. This is about them deciding what men are allowed to do. Deep down, they know that the closer men get to physically replacing them, the closer men are to breaking free of their spell. Their bodies are the only things they ever had to offer, and they know it.

Their entire “rights” revolution has been based on the exploitation of their sexuality. Nothing else.

Imagine a woman without breasts and without a vagina. It is then just a large, stupid, aggressive child getting in your face. How much would you tolerate her shit?

Our women hate sex dolls because the power they have over men depends on them having the monopoly of boobs and vaginas, and sex dolls threaten that monopoly. Yeah, sex dolls are not the real thing, but through technology, they’ll likely continue to get closer (sex robots, sex androids) and closer to the real thing.

It doesn’t even matter if sex dolls are a good replacement, what matters is that they’re a replacement, and women are losing their minds over it because I mean…

Imagine being a woman.

Imagine that the only thing needed to replace you is a piece of plastic with your shape. That’s literally it. Sure, some lube too maybe. But there is literally no element of humanity needed to create something that works just as well as a woman, serves all of the functions of the real thing.

Men can’t be replaced with plastic because the value of men is not their bodies but a combination of their ability, character, spirit, capacity, intelligence, drive, and pretty much everything that happens in their heads.

Looks count too, but think about it this way:

If we put some artificial wombs in sex dolls and secure a source of eggs or an alternative to eggs, then that’s pretty much it for women.

Even if women had an army of plastic sex dolls with the shape of men with ejaculation capabilities, without men around they’d all starve or freeze to death because women just can’t build or maintain anything on their own. They have to be literally ordered around by men, taught by men, supervised by men, and pretty much mind-controlled by men and even then they can still fuck everything up.

Everyone remembers the feminist bridge.

Bridges are relatively simple structures. They have been around for thousands of years. Even literal Africans can build bridges and not have them immediately collapse.

Imagine women trying to build an actual building or attempting to keep the electricity on.

They are literally of no value, at all, beyond the sex thing.

So you can understand their instinctual fear of the coming robot revolution.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.