Amazon Selling Mein Kampf for $14.88 (Real Thing)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 25, 2017

If you buy this at this price, you will get magical meme energies, probably. I mean, I would assume so. is selling Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf for exactly $14.88.

This is a real thing. Here’s the archive link, in case they change the price because we’ve pointed it out (remember when I complained about people misusing as some kind of protest method – this is the actual purpose of it).

There is no way that they are doing this on purpose.

There’s also no way it could be a “coincidence.”

This is meme magic in action.

All religions predicted that some day a frog would rise and destroy everything on purpose.

“Coincidences” are an unscientific concept which has never been proven and there isn’t even a pseudoscience explanation for their existence.

What has been proven by science is meme magic.

If you haven’t read Mein Kampf, that’s actually a pretty decent price for a relatively good book, and I also think you might get some kind of meme power from buying it for exactly $14.88.

It’s the Murphy translation (the official one recognized/funded by the NSDAP), which is the best, though maybe a bit more difficult for lower level readers (don’t be embarrassed – all of our attention spans have been mutilated by modern society).

People with worse ADD and reading skills (again, don’t be embarrassed, seriously) can get the Ford translation. But they’re going to have to pay $27.49 for it. Just don’t get the Manheim translation. Though I haven’t read it (I have read the other two), a whole lot of people I respect and trust on such matters say it’s crap.

It’s the best book and everyone needs to read it.