Amazon Reveals Bizarre New HQ Structure to be Built in Arlington

Amazon has revealed an inexplicably bizarre new structure to be used as its headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, DC.

Many were left baffled by the design, which looks similar to famous paintings of the Biblical Tower of Babel.

However, the tower of Babel is much more attractive that the Amazon HQ, which has also been compared to the “poop emoji.”

Having gardens go up the sides of the building is in-line with a lot of futuristic architecture designs that we’ve seen, and it’s a way to kind of “greenwash” these corrupt corporations.


The plans, made public and submitted to authorities for approval on Tuesday, will form the second phase of the tech giant’s $2.5 billion HQ2 project in Arlington County, Virginia.

More than three years after Amazon announced that it was expanding beyond its current Seattle headquarters, construction at the Virginia site — located across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C. — is now well underway. Dubbed PenPlace, the newly unveiled proposal for the project’s second phase will provide a further 2.8 million square feet of office space across three 22-story buildings.

The site’s focal point will be The Helix, a tree-covered glass structure where a series of “alternative work environments” will be set amid indoor gardens and greenery from the nearby area, tended to by a team of horticulturalists. According to the architecture firm behind the project, NBBJ, a spiral “hill climb” will meanwhile allow employees and visitors to ascend the outside of the structure.

“We’re doing a lot on the site to connect people to nature,” said lead architect and NBBJ principal Dale Alberda in a video interview, adding that the design aims to symbolize both nature and science. “But with the Helix we really take that to the extreme,” he said in a video interview. “We’re building a series of indoor atriums and gardens that are not a conservatory or a place you just visit, but a place you can actually go and work.”

The company also explained that they will be allowing the public to enter this structure, though it is unclear why the public would be allowed to enter a private office building. I guess because it’s also a work of art or something. The implication of course is that building this structure and then letting the public in implies that there is some kind of “transparency” at work at Amazon as a company, which is obviously false.

Speaking of corruption – how about Amazon building a corporate complex right outside of Washington, DC? Does that seem at all suspicious?

This is literally right across the bridge from the Capitol itself.

Obviously, there are some other technology companies based in Arlington, but nothing on the scale of Amazon. This is very expensive real estate, and although Amazon can obviously afford whatever kind of real estate, the issue is why any employee would want to pay to live in this area in order to work at Amazon.

But perhaps, there is a longer term plan at work here that we’re not aware of. Earlier this week, I wrote of the fact that we are going to increasingly see walled “15 minute cities” where workers for various companies live in the complex, and are not permitted to leave without going through virus protocols. The Capitol area will of course follow this model, but on a bigger scale. The underground tunnel system is already being heavily employed to allow government officials to move around from complex to complex, and we can be certain that this new Amazon complex will be linked to that tunnel system, so that intelligence officials, lobbyists and lawmakers can come in and out.

The Capitol already has a wall build around it, to keep out white supremacists and disinformation.

They’ve basically said that this barbed wire fence, guarded by the military, is going to be permanent, and you’re going to see these types of walls built all through the Capitol district. Government people are already relying on the tunnel system, because they’re afraid of being attacked. Furthermore, no one is really allowed into the city.

So, Amazon is going to be linked into this system, which goes under the river to connect with the other government offices, such as the CIA headquarters, which is on this side of the river.

Amazon is a government contractor; they are effectively a part of the government.

This is the issue with libertarians: they said that if corporations were ever regulated by the government, that would be like communism. What they should have been saying is that if we allow corporations to be completely unregulated, to the point where they form total monopolies (or oligopolies in some cases), then that is like communism – because communism involved a tiny elite minority ruling over a mass of peasants.

Whatever the case, obviously, we all understand that this is now like communism, and yet, very much worse.

Here are some more design images of this disgusting and offensive complex:

They were supposed to be building a third complex in New York, but it was run out of the city by Bill de Blasio for some reason. I don’t remember why. You’d think they’d want the jobs.