Amazon Face-Detection Technology Mistakes Black Women for Black Men

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 27, 2019

Look at their faces. Can you tell male from female apart?

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Facial-detection technology that Amazon is marketing to law enforcement often misidentifies women, particularly those with darker skin, according to researchers from MIT and the University of Toronto.

The researchers said that in their tests, Amazon’s technology labeled darker-skinned women as men 31 percent of the time. Lighter-skinned women were misidentified 7 percent of the time. Darker-skinned men had a 1 percent error rate, while lighter-skinned men had none.

I mean… that’s just racist. Literally.

Artificial intelligence can mimic the biases of their human creators as they make their way into everyday life. The new study, released late Thursday, warns of the potential of abuse and threats to privacy and civil liberties from facial-detection technology.

Eh, it’s really not bias. Black women really do look like black men.

Some more than others, sure, but it’s clear that the differences between black men and women are mostly their genitals and breasts. The rest of their body and faces are practically the same.

You’ll also notice that the exception to this — that is, black females that you immediately recognize as black females — are the ones that are not pure black.

Black women with some white genes are easier to identify as women. You can see that in movies and TV series, the black females pushed as “beautiful” are never completely black, they’re always mixed “race.”

The closer they get to pure black, the more they look like black males.

In a Friday post on the Medium website, MIT Media Lab researcher Joy Buolamwini responded that companies should check all systems that analyze human faces for bias.

“If you sell one system that has been shown to have bias on human faces, it is doubtful your other face-based products are also completely bias free,” she wrote.

What exactly is this “bias” she talks about, though?

Is she suggesting races don’t exist?

Or that the differences between men and women from every “race” are exactly the same and can be measured in exactly the same way?

This Joyful front-hole thinks “humanity” is a mystery mix of very different species that share the ability to make similar noises with their mouths and kinda walk similarly and blames a conveniently vague notion of “biases” as the reason why the same facial recognition techniques that work on horses don’t work on whales, and she’s a MIT Media Lab researcher.

That is a good snapshot of the current state of science.