Amazon Censors Documentary About Censorship


What censorship?

Everyone knows that there’s no censorship. Anyone who says otherwise is doing hate speech, which is violence.


Amazon has removed the first part of Killing Free Speech, a documentary about the threats to freedom of expression posed by Antifa and its allies in the media and Democrat parties. A second part of the documentary, focused on the power of Big Tech, will shortly be released.

This is the second time that the documentary’s creator, independent Danish-American conservative filmmaker Michael Hansen, has been censored by Amazon. As Breitbart News reported last year, Hansen’s previous documentary, about mass migration and Islam in Europe, was also censored by the Big Tech platform.

Killing Free Speech Parts 1 & 2 are both still available for purchase on Vimeo.

Killing Free Speech Part 1 shows an official from Council on American-Islamic Relactions (CAIR) caught on camera admitting that women don’t have equal rights under Sharia law. The documentary also charts the rise of Antifa in the United States, highlighting how the American movement has been influenced by violent militants in Europe.

They are now coming for material that is so normie that I don’t even pay attention to it – basically introductory material for boomers and for pre-teens, who are both new to “information.”

Why would you even “catch on camera” a Moslem saying that women don’t have equal rights under Sharia? This is not a secret. The contents of old laws are not secrets – they are short enough to read. Or you can just Google the passages from the Koran.

Also, Antifa began in Europe, as a Jewish communist-anarchist reactionary group against German fascism. This is just history.

Amazon, whose founder and CEO is far-left Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos, has stepped up censorship in recent years. The platform removed Prime Video links to Hoaxed, Mike Cernovich’s documentary about media manipulation, and also recently banned a book about the coronavirus from skeptical science writer Alex Berenson, only reversing the latter decision following media pressure.

Amazon pulled a very neat trick, where they basically allowed total freedom of speech until around 2017. Up until that point, they refused to even censor Holocaust denial material. This was basically just a business plan – they allowed freedom of speech until they had established a monopoly, then they started censoring. If they had censored all of this stuff from the beginning, it would not have been possible to establish a monopoly.

Real freedom isn’t about speech anyway – it’s about anal sex with men.

As long as you can have anal sex with men, and talk about how much you love anal sex with men, you’re not being oppressed.